Are you and your kids looking for an easy and cute Easter basket this year? Get them creating their own with a few simple supplies from around the house.

DIY Easter Basket

Have you noticed the awesome variety of different colors and patterns of Scotch® Duct Tape that are available? These tapes are perfect for crafting.

What you will need to create your own duct tape Easter Baskets:
-empty tin
-variety of Scotch® Duct Tape – I used Sea Blue and Paisley Princess

Directions: First, Line the top and the bottom of your tin can with Sea Blue duct tape. Next, take a long piece of tape and fold it in half length-wise. This piece will be your handle. Tape the handle piece into place by putting more tape around the middle of the tin. Tape the floral Paisley Princess duct tape around the tin. I love how the pattern repeats on the tape. I was able to match up the pattern so I didn’t have any mismatched pattern on my tin.

Easter Basket How To

Last, add a little embellishment if you’d like. Fill your tin with paper grass, and send your children out to hunt for eggs!

Easy Easter Basket

Scotch Duct Tape Easter Basket

I’m proud to be a 3M sponsored blogger. As part of my responsibilities I get the opportunity to evaluate new products from Scotch® Duct Tape. Opinions are my own and additional product used in the project were selected by me. Follow Scotch Duct Tape on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

I am so excited for spring. For the past few weeks I haven’t been able to resist buying flowers whenever I’m at the store. I’m sure I can blame it on the anticipation of spring almost being here.

Spring Cupcakes

In honor of spring, add a little floral spring to your cupcakes! Paper flowers are always popular, but let’s try something different today. Let’s make some adorable little spring flower cupcakes out of silk flowers. These little flower toppers would be perfect for a spring shower, brunch, or even an early summer picnic.

You Will Need: small silk flowers, mod podge, tooth picks, scissors

Directions: First, cut the flower off the stem near the top. Dip the tooth pick into the mod podge. Stick the tooth pick into the bottom of the silk flower. Let the glue dry. Once it is dry, top your cupcakes with a small garden of flowers.

Spring Cupcake How To

And, quick tip, aren’t these aqua cupcake liners fabulous? I am in love with how well they hold up during baking. You can find them here.

Spring Cupcakes

Spring Cupcakes

Easy Spring Cupcakes

What does the grumpiest cat in the world serve at her birthday party? Not your ordinary party food. It’s Grumpy Cat’s second birthday and I think some fun food ideas are in order: Catnip Cupcakes (vanilla cupcakes with mint leaves on top), Hairballs (my husband’s favorite cookies–Date Nut Cookies–they are pretty yummy, but the coconut makes them look like a hairball), and Mice Cookies (you can find the recipe here).

Grumpy Cat Party

catnip cupcakes

date nut cookies

mice cookies

date nut cookies recipe

Download the food tags below.

grumpy cat food labels

Which is your favorite Grumpy Cat Party Food? Let me know in the comments. Upload a photo of you or your cat’s best frown to the 1 million frowns challenge on the Friskies Party Mix site or on Instagram, using the hashtag #1MMGrumpyFrowns. There are lots of fun prizes for you to win! This blog post was written as part of my collaboration with Friskies Party Mix.

What is more fun than gold confetti dotting a treat table? Metallic ‘easiest-ever’ confetti that only takes a minute to put together.

how to make the easiest-ever gold confetti

gold confetti

how to make gold confetti

To make this easy gold confetti, just grab a roll of gold foil stickers. Unpeel two stickers, match up as closely as possible, stick together and smooth out. See? Easiest ever metallic confetti, perfect for any treat table!

how to make gold confetti

These easy (and adorable!) heart shaped favor bags are the perfect compliment to a love themed soiree. Fill these bags with treats or toys and send your guests home with some love.

how to make heart shaped favor bags

how to make heart shaped favor bags

how to make heart shaped favor bags

Directions: Start with a red polka dot bag. Fold each bottom corner back, making a bottom point. Tape in place. Fold the top edge down, creasing about 1/3 of the way from the top. Fold the perforated edge under, doubling up the top fold. Fold each top corner back, meeting up with the bottom of the fold. Make a small slit in the top center of the bag, stopping after you’ve cut through all of the folded portion. Fold the center flaps away from the slit, making a heart shape. Unfold and fill with treats. Tape the top folds in place and you’re finished with your heart shaped favor bags!

how to make heart shaped favor bags

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