organic and chic coverLike many, I had long been awaiting the arrival of this cookbook: Organic and Chic. Sarah Magid’s website is simply elegant. It’s full of beautiful cakes that conjure up memories of magical tea parties. Her style is unique and pleasing to the eye. It brings me hope in a world saturated with “perfect” fondant cakes. And I was dying to find out how she colored her bright and whimsical frosting organically. So… while on a date with my husband at a book store, I tracked down “Organic and Chic” and my husband bought it for me. This was the full price book store, and this book was nearly $30. As I looked through the book (at the bookstore and again at home and again while on vacation) I always had the same reaction. Disappointment. It seemed to me that she just took regular recipes and then changed the ingredients to organic. Anyone can take Aunt Sally’s famous chocolate cake recipe and change “milk” to “organic milk.” There is nothing special here. And not one vegan recipe. Plus she unapologetically uses artificial fluorescent food coloring in everything. I must admit that I hate artificial coloring and I’m always trying to find new ways to color frosting naturally, while not driving my bakers crazy. I was really hoping for some new insight into this area, because organic cakes would logically be colored naturally, right? Right? I hope it’s not lame to say how I honestly feel, because I normally applaud any step toward organic living, but I wouldn’t recommend buying this book.

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  1. Hi Brittany
    Nice blog. I really enjoy your tuesday tutorials.
    I found this wonderful post on naturally coloring chocolates. Thought you might be interested.

    Have a good week

    Geetha    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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