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I love the look of hand addressed envelopes and I wanted to include it with this party theme. So I knew that calligraphy was the way to go for this old fashioned American Girl Party. Michele addressed these envelopes for me and she did such an amazing job. She is so super sweet and great to work with. Seriously, the envelopes were the perfect touch to these invites.

A hot trend with weddings right now is to use a bunch of different stamps on your envelopes. I used this idea here and found some stamps on ebay and my local post office. Local stamp shops are also a great place to look.

If you tend to have guests who never RSVP, a great tip is to put an “RSVP by” date on your invites. Pick a date that gives your guests enough time to respond and that also gives you enough time to finalize all of your planning. I usually pick three days before the party for children’s event. I don’t prefer the “Regrets Only” method, except for a large party, because I like to know a more exact count.

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  1. Hi Brittany ~ I went to Catholic school and learned penmanship, something I wish public schools focused a little more on today. (My daughter hates to write in script, she almost always prints!) It’s really a shame, because beautiful script handwriting is gorgeous….as are these beautiful invitations. I absolutely LOVE invitations and envelopes that are addressed in calligraphy. Yes, it’s more time and work, but just look at the results!!! What a perfect invite for your party. Have a great day.

    Karen Wilson/lillybelle Designs    Monday, August 24, 2009
  2. Love this idea! What wording did you use on the invitation? Thanks so much!!

    Melissa    Monday, March 28, 2011

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