pioneer banner2
Each girl got to pick a bonnet and apron at the beginning of the party.
pioneer 9bonnets
A place setting.
pioneer plate2
The table and cake.
pioneer 7table
Making the bread dough.
pioneer 13bread mixing
Small hands kneading dough.
pioneer 15breadmaking
The mini loaves of bread, raising.
pioneer 16mini bread
Here is the butter after the girls had shaken the jar for a very long time.
pioneer 21butter
Making homemade strawberry freezer jam.
pioneer jam mix
They ate some of the jam that we made during the party.
pioneer 24jam jar
The small jars of jam for the girls to take home.
pioneer little jam
Some guests eating at the table.
pioneer child k
Here is the game we played, The Clothes Pin Drop.
pioneer game2
They went on a wagon ride.
pioneer 34wagon
Each girl took home a bag of old fashioned candy along with their mini bread loaf and their small jar of jam.
pioneer 31favor
These adorable pictures were taken by the witty and charming Casey Hyer. For more posts about this party click on the American Girl Pioneer Party tag below.


  1. Love this post! Thanks for this. I’ll be sure to come back again. P.S: I’ve bookmark your site as well.

    Analisa Winterton    Sunday, January 17, 2010
  2. Did you make the aprons and bonnets yourself? Did the girls get to keep them as favors?

    Becky Castle Miller    Saturday, July 3, 2010
  3. Hey Becky–I bought the bonnets off of ebay and my mother in law kindly made the aprons for me since I couldn’t find any to buy that were what I wanted. I didn’t let the party guests keep them as favors, but if I did that party over again I would let the girls keep them.

    Brittany    Sunday, July 4, 2010

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