tea party favors2a goal, no plastic toys as party favors. okay, this is a toughie because parties basically equal plastic. they do. it’s hard to fill a goodie bag without using plastic. and it makes sense to save money when having a party, but cutting corners at the expense of the environment doesn’t help anyone in the long run. and let’s face it, how many of our “plastic goodies” just end up in the garbage the day after the party? every once in a while I will use a plastic toy, but my favorite alternative is to give one great gift that is handmade (either bought or made myself). for example, these cute handmade cupcakes were part of the take home party favor for this tea party birthday and they were ordered from etsy. just make sure your brilliant handmade gift won’t end up in the trash too.

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  1. I loved this tea party and actually copied it last weekend for my daughter’s birthday party. She absolutely loved it. I also did the felt cupcakes from Etsy and placed them in re-purposed/mismatched tea cups and saucers from different good will stores. I hate party favors that just go in the trash, so I thought this was genius.

    Thank you so much Brittany for sharing all your great ideas. Whenever I was planning one of my kid’s parties in the past, I would think "what would Kristi do"?, It is so fun to see that you, too, enjoy creating wonderful and memorable birthday parties. And now, I don’t have to wonder what your mom would do, I can just copy you. :)

    Amy "Fisher"    Tuesday, September 8, 2009
  2. This is a GREAT party favor ~~ Moms will love it, too! Felt food has become soooo popular, and, yes, Etsy has a ton of "yummies" to choose from! Thanks for sharing.

    Karen Wilson, Owner, lillybelle Custom Designs    Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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