halloween fruit
I’m not sure if I’ve explained the whole concept of this party fully. This was a three course meal where each guest filled out a menu themselves, picking what they would eat for each course. No two dinners were served up the same. The fun part is that the drink, utensils, and food, all have different names–scary, spooky names. So no one really knows what they are ordering. Then each course is brought out separately and someone might get all utensils and no food, or a cupcake and spaghetti sauce. It’s a fun, wacky way to celebrate Halloween.

This is my party suggestion: have a few friends on hand to help. Also, set up food stations where you can find each menu item. I had silverware in one spot, the drinks in another, the pasta and sauce on the stove, etc. And I had a decoding menu “key” in a central location so that we could figure out what to serve up. Each of my helpers and myself were assigned to different kids. For the person we were assigned to, we filled their order for that course, we took their food out to them, and we cleared their plates. This kept everything running smoothly and we could make sure that every teen got their food and wasn’t waiting.


  1. Super fun……I especially love the spiders on the fruit, simple, yet so festive!

    Karen Wilson, lillybelle Designs    Thursday, October 29, 2009
  2. I went to a party like this when I was… oh, maybe ten? I STILL talk about it! It came from the girl’s parents having attended a party like that for Halloween and my friend’s birthday was in November. So her’s was not a spooky version but a funny one… but the mom got so excited when she told us later about the dinner she had been at, I know it works for an adult version as well… just a different style! To this day I think I have only heard of doing this maybe two other times… and yet it is SUCH a fun idea! I had forgotten for awhile, but I think I might do my son’s birthday like this in February :) Thanks!!!

    andrea {ffft}    Thursday, December 15, 2011

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