If you can’t tell from my last giveaway, I love the extra specialness of hand written addresses. But really it’s just plain old jealousy. My handwriting is well, meh, you know. I “perfected” it in highschool (the only time when cute handwriting really matters, right?) while writing wasteful amounts of notes to friends. Now my penmanship looks dated and high schoolish, go figure. That’s why I swoon when I see fun handwriting. Enter the lovely & talented Marta. You might know her from her adorable blog martawrites. I loved her instantly once I found out we were from the same hometown. And viola! I needed a less traditional font for the upcoming Trophy Husband party. What better time to try it out. Isn’t it so cute?
trophy husband invite
Rule #4 Don’t EVER tell your husband that you paid someone to address his birthday invites. He’ll never understand. Oh, and if you want you can check out Marta’s shop.

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  1. […] I love Marta. And I love her blog. She graciously invited me to participate in “the how-to series: celebrating stuff we know.” There are some really cool posts and many more to come, but all I know how to do is party stuff. So big surprise, my contribution is how to cut a cake. And it goes right along with Partyschool 101. You can go to Marta’s blog to get the whole scoop. If you’ve signed up for my newsletter, you might recognize this picture. […]

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