More on not throwing a grocery store party.

Don’t go down the party aisle at your local grocery store and buy all of the plates, cups and napkins in the character theme. I know how it goes. You ask your child what kind of party they want for their birthday and maybe they say they want a cartoon or popular movie/tv show themed party. You are busy with life in general and are at a loss of how to integrate Wow Wow Wubbzy into a party. You go to the big box or party store for some inspiration and viola, the party is right there waiting for you in the form of pre-made invites, plates, napkins and cups. You can even throw in the tablecloth and matching party favors. Easy peasy. Wait, let’s take a step back and not make any hasty purchases. How do you envision this party? Cool. Fun for your child. Entertaining for your guests. Are these items really getting you closer to your objectives or are they just a quick fix? Let’s be clear, I support investing in reusable supplies. But whether you opt for washable or disposable items, you can bypass the character stuff and sub in key colors. What are the well know color combos associated with that character? Spiderman: blue & red. SpongeBob: blue & yellow. Strawberry Shortcake: pink & green. Use those to your advantage. One character piece can go a long way when paired with its signature colors. You can save money and pull off a killer party this way.

Your excuses: “If I don’t buy the character plates/napkins/cups, my child won’t think it’s a [_______] party.” Give yourself, and your child, a little more credit. Your party doesn’t have to be saturated with a character to get the point across. Be selective. Less is more. “It’s just easier to get the matching tablecloth.” Remember your vision for the party and reach for the solid colored items instead. “If I don’t buy these matching party favors I won’t know what to give out.” Think outside the box. Diego: binoculars. Fancy Nancy: ribbon wands. Handy Manny: candy or chocolate tools. “But I don’t want to make invitations.” It’s okay, just buy the character invites and customize them. I’ve seen Nemo invitations put into clear envelopes with sand added. My sister bought Star Wars invitations, reworded the invite to sound like Yoda was speaking (“Inviting you to my party, I am…”), photocopied it and glued it to the inside. Keep your end goal in sight and go crazy.

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