As part of the Partyschool 101 series, I’m doing a bunch of guest posts this summer with even more party tips and tutorials. Last Thursday I was invited to contribute to The Mother Huddle’s famous Bullet List. Check it out–it’s a list of 15 Classic Party Games that you can use in a pinch at your child’s next party. You know those times when you’ve planned out tons of fun and amazing party activities that you’re sure the kids will love? Then you’re freaking out when they’ve finished all your games in 10 minutes and you still have an hour of party left to fill? Yup, that’s what these simple, classic games are for. And it’s so easy to adapt them to your party theme. “Duck, Duck, Goose” can become “Long Neck, Long Neck, T-Rex.” And “Simon Says” easily changes to “Princess Says.”

Clothes Pin Drop (from the American Girl Pioneer Party)

Bucket Fill Up (a sneak peek from an upcoming party…)

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