I’ve been wanting to get a bit more personal on the blog lately, so I thought I’d do one post at the start of each month that’s kind of like the editor’s letter at the beginning of a magazine. And what better month to begin than October. October means fall is here. Cool, crisp weather. Colorful leaves. And Halloween.

I especially remember one Halloween when I was about 10. I went trick-or-treating with 2 of my friends. We walked from house to house for what seemed liked hours, collecting as much candy as we could. I had the brilliant idea of using my pillowcase as my trick-or-treat bag. I’ll never forget one house in particular. As we left the porch some older kids came up to us and one of them grabbed my friend’s candy and another grabbed my candy bag. I held on for dear life to my pillowcase as he dragged me on my stomach through the bushes and into the street. Eventually I let go, but I was heart broken. I had walked around all night to get that candy for nothing. There would be no counting how many tootsie rolls and smarties I got. No searching for big candy bars. No toothbrush from the dentist down the street. And I lost my pillow case too! Out of the 3 of us, only one friend still had her candy. We sadly trudged to my friend’s house where I called my mom to pick me up.

But Halloween has happy memories too. Every year my parents would have a party with their friends and kids. It was a spooky dinner with a mixed up mystery menu, and the inspiration behind the Teen Halloween Party I posted a few years ago (don’t mind the crappy photography–I took the pics myself, yikes).

And for the blog I’ll be posting some fun Halloween Parties and of course lots of Halloween ideas over the next few weeks. Coming up this week is the launch of The One Charming Party Show on My Craft Channel (the first web episode will air this Wednesday). And if you want to attend a live event, I’ll be speaking on the blogging panel at SPARK near the end of the month.

But this isn’t all about me! I’d love to hear your Halloween ideas and memories. So please share them in the comments.

xo Brittany


  1. my birthday is oct 28th so i’ve always LOVED halloween parties… they’re all for my birthday right?! ;) can’t wait to see your halloween posts!

    Allison    Monday, October 3, 2011
  2. My mom always made homemade “spudnuts.” They are doughnuts with some potatoes in the batter. They are divine. We always ate a ton of the holes, because “holes don’t count.” :) I love Halloween. I especially love thinking of creative costume ideas…

    Hypnobirthing    Monday, October 3, 2011
  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the eye candy and ideas from your blog but it’s nice to get the personal touch too. And it’s encouraging to see how far you’ve come with your talents in the last 2 years!
    What a horrible Halloween experience you had. How mean!!!
    I just remember rationing out my candy as long as I could, until Christmas and sometimes Valentines…if I only I had that self control now.
    Each year I try to host a little party for my children and cousins. We also make doughnuts each year, a new tradition in our family.

    Hannah S    Monday, October 3, 2011
  4. This EXACT story happened to me. Hours trick-or-treating with my pillowcase and 2 friends. We were atacked and dragged and one went home with her candy. We moved away and I don’t even remember the girls names I was with. It makes me wonder if it might have been you? If you don’t mind me asking…what town did this happen in?

    Shari    Monday, October 3, 2011
  5. Hi Shari–It was in Salt Lake City, UT. I’m so sorry that happened to you too! xo

    Brittany    Monday, October 3, 2011
  6. This year we will host a Poe party for Halloween. I can think of no better theme than the master of mystery and macabre himself.
    Black and white décor with hints of red, a red velvet cake, tell tale heart salads (heart of palm), and a single raven perched on a cobweb covered stack of books as a centerpiece.

    L. Kaldor    Monday, October 3, 2011
  7. I LOVED the mystery dinners! It was especially fun when we were in charge of the menu.

    Amy    Monday, October 3, 2011
  8. We had a spooky Halloween party at school in 2nd or 3rd grade. We went into the reading room blindfolded and got to put our hands into creepy things. I totally remember the eyeballs (probably olives?) and the brains (maybe spaghetti). My imagination went wild!

    kathy t.    Monday, October 3, 2011
  9. This year I am hosting my 5th annual Pumpkin carving party. I always hated carving the pumpkins and having to clean up the mess. This way it makes it an event, lots of kids and pumpkins! Lots of prizes too. Plus I get time to hang out with my friends as we watch the kids work on their pumpkins. I serve dinner and we carve outside, we do this on the second or 3rd Saturday in October. I always say no costumes, because we don’t want to get them all messy and some costumes have pieces that get in the way. I pass around candy, and every child takes home a prize. The leaves on the ground make for nice easy decor as well.
    I LOVE this party more each year! My kids have a tradition to remember now, and they look forward to it every year!

    stacey Christensen    Tuesday, October 4, 2011
  10. omg, that is so sad. i mean, who does that? stealing candy from little kids. i want to beat them up. ha.

    jami nato    Tuesday, October 4, 2011
  11. Hi, i just stumbled upon your site and love it. My little girl’s birthday is ON halloween and we’re throwing her a party (she’ll be turning 4) since she now goes to school and has a large group of friends, i felt it fitting for a big bash. But… need some help, i’ve found lots of possibilities but something just struck me when i hit your site, perhaps your ad for the free party plan! :}
    We are doing it at a local bowling center, bowling and games, then party. We will be having all the kids come in costume, so i need a little help with invitations, thank yous, and perhaps a game or two… The center provides everything, but i would like to give it my own personal touch as well without spending a fortune, of course! She has already picked out her costume, a Mermaid, AGAIN, but hey it’s her party. She is, above all else, the girly-girl type… so i was thinking of getting her a mermaid cake to match her costume? Any advise? Also, direction in the invitation/matching thank you as well, i was thinking – “Halloween Mermaid Birthday” ??? somehow incorporating her character into the black/orange halloween theme…. yes, no??? help!!!!

    Lola    Sunday, October 16, 2011
  12. what a horrible thing to happen to a little kid! I would totally be heart broken too. As a kid, I loved watching the Halloween specials for cartoons like Charlie Brown, Garfield, and The Simpsons.

    sobrina    Sunday, October 16, 2011
  13. Hi Lola–Wow, you are an awesome mom! I’m sure your daughter will love her party. We have lots of Halloween ideas and a Mermaid Party. You can check out the Mermaid Party here http://onecharmingparty.com/category/mermaid-party/ and here http://onecharmingparty.com/shop/mermaid/ . If you email me, I can get you in touch with our graphic designer to see if she can customize and already existing Mermaid or Halloween invite. brittanyegbert@gmail.com Good luck! xo

    Brittany    Sunday, October 16, 2011

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