Serving New Years Eve cupcakes? Fun and bright paper honeycomb balls can be used to top even the plainest of desserts. When you fully expand the honeycomb around a paper straw it looks just like the big ball in New York City, only more fun. (And these coordinate perfectly with our other New Years Decorations.)

You will need: honeycomb paper sheets, scissors, circle template, Glue Dots or double stick tape, paper straws

Directions: Cut a few paper straws in half. Cut out a circle template by either tracing a small glass or by using a circle punch to make one.  Use your template to cut out circles from the honeycomb paper. Fold each circle in half going towards you.  Then fold on the same path going away from you. This will make a crease, perpendicular to the lines in the paper, on both of the flat sides of the paper. Starting on one side of the paper, place Glue Dots or double stick tape on the crease and one side of the circle. Fold in half around a straw and attach. Repeat on the open side and press closed gently with your fingers, making a ball. Repeat with the remaining straws. Then add to your cupcakes!

I know you’ll love her as much as I do–Jenny is the photographer and genius behind this clever craft. Check out more of her ideas at Hank + Hunt

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  1. What a fun idea. Having a daughter born on New Year’s Eve, I’m always looking for ideas to incorporate the holiday with her birthday. Thanks for the cool idea.

    FestivePartyGirl    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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