Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Don’t worry, though — we’re happy to bring you exclusive valentines tips from some of our lovely sponsors to get your creative juices flowing. Below, check out ideas from Allison Curtin, director of marketing at Pinhole Press.

  • We asked Allison: “What are three ways to change up a traditional valentine?”

1.     Create a photo calendar with date nights “sharpied” in. A desk calendar featuring a photo of you and your Valentine every month of the year is a fun gift idea, but you can make it even more meaningful by taking your favorite color Sharpie (or paint pen) and making sure your date nights are etched in for the year. Even if your date nights change, it’s a great reminder to keep it on the calendar.

2.     Handmade with a personalized twist. If you’re thinking of crafting something or baking goodies this year, plan to adorn your handmade goods with a personalized label. Your cupcakes will be even sweeter in a cellophane bag with the label “You’re Sweet.”

3.     Plan a photo-worthy Valentine’s Day, and gift afterward. Instead of giving a gift on Valentine’s Day, plan out a day together and take your camera along. Afterward, collect your photos and create a personalized photo gift for your sweetheart. This way, you not only have a memorable Valentine’s Day but a keepsake to showcase for years to come.

  • We asked Allison: “How do you pick the perfect valentine for family members or friends?”

It’s easy to “pick” a Valentine’s gift for family and friends, but it takes more time to “gift” and think about what that person would love. To give the right Valentine, we always suggest that a gift is personalized and is something that the recipient will cherish for years to come. Last year I gave my parents a Heart Notepad with a photo of us together on each piece of paper. Let’s just say they remember this gift every time they are checking off their to-do list!

Visit Pinhole Press for tons of customizable photo gift options — we especially love the photo magnets.

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