Help keep traditions alive with the story of Patrick’s Pot. Click on the image below to print out the soda pop labels and attach them to your drinks.

patrick's pot

As the legend goes, there was an innkeeper who was less than generous with his drinks. St. Patrick visited the inn and was displeased at the lack of drink he was served. St. Patrick pulled the innkeeper aside to teach him a lesson in generosity. He informed the innkeeper that there was a devil residing in his cellar, feeding off of the innkeeper’s dishonesty and greed. To banish the devil, the innkeeper must change his ways. Some time later, St. Patrick visited the inn again. He was pleased to see that the innkeeper was filling the drinks to overflowing. The devil in the cellar was banished. The custom of Pota Phadraig or Patrick’s Pot remains to remind everyone to be generous and honest.

Photography and design by Sara Schmutz.

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