While on a road trip through Southern Arizona I spotted this striking flag centerpiece in an antique shop’s window. I was immediately inspired by the majesty of the American Flag without further embellishment. This impressive display gives such a grand feeling, but it is really quite simple to create.

Easy July 4th Flag Centerpieces

To make the Grand Flag Centerpiece will need one glass vase, with about a 3.5-inch opening, and 13, 8×12 flags. I counted the flags I saw in the window display expecting there to be a dozen but discovered there were actually 13 flags, which is very fitting for this patriotic centerpiece — one flag for each of the original 13 colonies in America.

How To Make an Easy July 4th Flag Centerpiece
July 4th Flag Centerpiece Close-up

The secret to the WOW factor of this arrangement is careful placement of each flag in a precise and uniform manner. Insert each flagpole into the vase with the flag dangling outward then pull the tail end of the flag around so it makes a sort of cone shape as shown in the photo below. Repeat with each of the other flags and take care that your sticks are evenly spaced to follow a spiral pattern.

Photography, design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry.

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