The best part of a Caramel Apple Party is making the caramel apples! You can watch the perfect way to dip a caramel apple on The One Charming Party Show. Once you’ve gotten the caramel on the apple, let your party guests make up their own unique combinations by providing different toppings for them to use. Here are a few combination suggestions:

caramel apple party

Peanut butter with apples is such a classic combination. Why not take it a step further by adding chocolate and caramel? Take your caramel apple and dip it into melted chocolate. Finish by dipping it into Reeses’ Pieces.

caramel apple party

Based on the popular s’mores of the summer, satisfy your craving with a s’more caramel apple. After you dipped the apple in caramel, quickly roll it in mini marshmellows. Then dip it in chocolate and top by rolling the apple in crushed graham crackers. Yum!

caramel apple party

A turtle is my favorite treat! So why not throw an apple into the mix? Why being the most simple, this one is the tastiest as well! Take your caramel apple, dip it in melted chocolate and then roll in chopped pecans.

Photography, design and styling by Sara Schmutz

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  1. This party has my name written all over it!! Perfect theme for autumn, nothing says ‘fall’ to me like a delicious caramel apple!

    Lily Lemontree (AS)    Thursday, September 20, 2012

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