Here are some unique halloween flower ideas for all of your upcoming parties — specimen boards. Just take a few flowers and create creepy looking bugs and other scary specimens. We have several examples below, but you can always use flowers and plants that you have on hand to invent your own.

You will need: a frame, foam core board, black paint, scrapbooking paper, pins, tags or labels, plants from garden

1. Find an old frame and cut a piece of foam core to a size that will fit inside the frame. Secure the foam core to the frame with glue or tape.
2. Paint the foam core or cover with scrapbooking paper.
3. Find a selection of eerie looking plants in your yard (or your neighbor’s yard, but don’t forget to ask permission!).

Tip: Pick plants that have a spooky quality. Even dried blooms would look great and in October, most plants will be done blooming which will be perfect for this project. Plants used here were lavendar, lamb’s ear, dahlia buds, fern, ivy, moss, oregon grape, veronica, etc.

4. Create spooky names for each plant and write them on tags (hand write yourself or download our printable). Be creative. Some names used here: cuckoo’s nest (see how to make paper flowers here), pond fern, swamp moss, dragon eye, witch hazel, wolf’s bane, prickle bush, nightshade, etc.

5. Pin plants to foam core and attach tags/labels next to them.

Want more inspiration? Check out the Halloween flower arrangement ideas Megan created last year.

Flowers by Megan Dunford. Photography by Julie Parker


  1. These are SO gorgeous! I love the specimen boards.

    bettijo    Friday, September 28, 2012
  2. Really cool ideas for Halloween.

    dg    Friday, September 28, 2012

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