Be sure to capture all the spooks and skeletons that haunt your festivities with this fun Halloween Carnival photo booth. Interestingly, our ghosts really did show up in pictures!

Halloween Carnival Photobooth Idea #halloween #photobooth

Spooky Guests in a DIY Halloween Carnival Photobooth #halloween #carnival #circus #photobooth

DIY Carnival Photo Stand #halloween #circus #carnival #photobooth

DIY Carnival Photo Stand #halloween #circus #carnival #photobooth

TO MAKE A PHOTO BOOTH: Get several yards of a neutral colored fabric and affix to a wall with painter’s tape. Use orange and black streamers to add carnival-inspired stripes to the background. Decorate an over-turned, galvanized-metal tub to look like an elephant stand from the circus. Cut triangles of orange and black paper then tape on with painter’s tape. Go here to see how to make the ghost’s eerie Trick-or-Treating lantern.

Missed a post? Check out all of the Halloween Carnival Ideas. Photography, design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry.

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