I know this is a bit outdated, but in September the editors of Bon Appetit magazine asked me to share my go to party dish on Twitter. One of my tweets made it into the October issue. Here’s what I said: “My go-to party food is a fruit platter. Try to get 5-6 different kinds in a rainbow of colors. Kids & adults love it!” @onecharmingirl Since the warmer weather will be here soon I thought I’d share the easy fruit platter ideas that I mentioned in my tweet with you.


My mom and her older sister owned a catering company when I was a kid. My sisters and I were cheap labor and we would often work the events, usually getting paid $10 for a night. I would prep food, refill buffet trays and wash dishes. I washed a lot of dishes. My aunt (my mom’s older sister) passed away from breast cancer over 10 years ago and my mom closed her business after that. However, my mom still throws lots of great parties with yummy food. And she is the queen of the fruit tray–no matter what season it is, there is a fruit tray at every party. I guess that’s why it’s my go-to party food too. Plus with all of the allergies and diet restrictions these days, this is something everyone can eat.


  • Wash and dry a head of leafy green lettuce and cut off the bottom stem. Cover the base of a large serving tray with the lettuce, layering and covering every bit of the tray.
  • Pick a rainbow of colored fruit–-it will look better and give you more variety. Cut the big fruits into bite sized pieces. Cut the grapes into small clusters of 4 or 5 grapes. I like to leave the stem on the strawberries (or cherries if I’m using those).
  • Avoid putting two fruits of the same color next to each other (my mom taught me this too). For even more color try sprinkling some small berries on the top, like raspberries and blueberries. You can roll the wet berries in sugar if you’d like.


Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat.


  1. We loved these tips so much we shared them on Momtrends today! http://www.momtrends.com/2013/02/friday-finds-ideas-for-childrens-birthday-parties/

    Nicole Feliciano    Friday, February 1, 2013
  2. That arrangement is beautiful and I like the health factor.
    I’d avoid the sugar coating since most of thos fruits have their own sweetness. Plus … I always want to encourage kids to use a sugar alternative (or none).

    Balloon Dude    Sunday, February 17, 2013

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