Watercolor is a definite favorite when crafting during the Spring and Summer. The color possibilities are endless and no skill is required — that’s our kind of project. This watercolor invitation diy is so easy to do, but even more fun to receive! If you are having any kind of gathering this month, skip the store-bought invites and paint your own.

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

You will need: assorted watercolor paints, paintbrush, paper, triangular-paper punch, letter stamps, ink pad

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

Directions: Cover each sheet of paper with your choice of watercolor and let dry. Feel free to mix colors. Make a sheet of warm colors and a sheet of cool colors if you like.

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

Using your paper punch, punch out small pieces of paper in different sections of the painted areas. A triangular-shaped paper punch makes the invite look like a mini-bunting. A giant circle punch could be super fun as well.

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

Take your stamps and stamp the letters to the word “party” using one stamp at a time. If you want to put more information, cut out more shapes. Write the small details like when, where, and who on the other pieces of confetti.

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

Stuff the pieces of confetti in an envelope and send them on their merry way. Your friends will be thrilled to receive this colorful mail!

Photography, design + styling by Lexy Ward.

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  1. This is fantastic! Totally going to make these for a party.

    Carrie Rowe    Thursday, May 16, 2013

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