Making a planet garland, as part of the Outer Space Party decorations, is a fun and simple project you can do with your kids.  And bonus, it can double as children’s room decor when the party is over. Keep reading for all of the details.

outer space planet garland how to from #outerspaceparty

You will need: styrofoam balls in several shapes (from the craft store), acrylic paint in a variety of colors, paint brushes, heavy duty embroidery needle and thread

Use this handy guide for your planet painting and sizing.
Sun: biggest size foam ball; yellow with orange
Saturn: next largest; blue green with white stripes
Jupiter: same size as Saturn; brown/gray with white stripes
Neptune: medium foam ball; deeper blue
Uranus: medium foam ball; turquoise
Mars: small foam ball; bright red
Mercury: small foam ball; brownish red
Venus: small foam ball; brownish yellow
Earth: small foam ball; blue with green and then white stripes
Pluto: (optional)smallest; greenish

outer space planet garland how to from #outerspaceparty

outer space planet garland how to from #outerspaceparty

Directions: First, paint the foam balls with acrylic paint, diluted with a few drops of water. Once the planets are painted, skewer each one with a toothpick and stand upright to let dry.

outer space planet garland how to from #outerspaceparty

To string into a garland, push a needle threaded with embroidery thread through the center of each planet. Line them up in order (with the Sun in the center).  First Pluto (optional, but this is modeled after a vintage space map so we included it), then Uranus, then Jupiter, then Earth, then Mercury, then the Sun, then Venus, then Mars, then Saturn, and then Neptune. Now you’re done with the perfect outer space party planet garland, great for birthday party decor and room decor alike!

outer space planet garland how to from #outerspaceparty

outer space planet garland how to from #outerspaceparty

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

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  1. What a cute idea! I’ll be sharing this one, for sure. Thank you!

    Sharon    Thursday, June 27, 2013

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