It’s finally time for the party games. Seriously, this is the best part of the Doctor Party. If you have enough supplies and patients, you can keep a group of kids entertained for a long time – which is really a great way to spend a party.

Doctor Party games on #doctorparty

You have handed out doctor badges and invitations. Made the red cross banner. Next up are the supplies needed to host your own doctor’s office.

Some of the supplies we used are:
An assortment of band-aids
Alcohol wipes
Gauze wrap
Lip Balm
Cotton balls
Cotton swabs
Mike + Ikes in a bottle to use as pretend “medicine”
Blunt end tweezers
Child scissors (to cut the gauze)
Tongue depressors

Doctor Party games on #doctorparty

Doctor Party games on #doctorparty

Gather up stuffed animals and dolls to use as patients. You can arrange the patients on the couch as a “waiting room.” Have your mini doctors choose a patient to take to the table. Each patient should have a patient chart with them for the mini doctor to use. The patient chart is for the doctor to chart what is wrong with their patient. The party guests will have a fabulous time rushing around dressing up their patients and marking charts.


Photography, design + styling by Sara Schmutz.

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  1. I LOVE this idea. Nice to see a different theme instead of the usual Princesses etc!

    Robyn/Dreamy Cakes    Thursday, August 15, 2013

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