Hosting an at work baby shower for a co-worker presents a whole host of tricky issues: shorter party time, less control of the space, and celebrating something really personal (Having a baby! Yay!) in a professional environment. However, after helping put together a plethora of work showers, overcoming the tricky factors and pulling off something fabulous is not as hard as it seems.

Five simple essentails for putting together a fabulous (and personal) at-work baby shower!

Five simple steps to a great at-work baby shower:

How to make a baby shower at work fabulous (tip 1- order/make something special to eat!)

1. Yummy Food! Something special (like these bakery-ordered mini bundt cakes) is a great way to make the mama-to-be feel special. Single serve items are a great ice breaker with shower guests and offer the added bonus of not requiring a server–guests can just serve themselves.

Five simple steps to a fabulous baby shower at work!

2. Yummy Drinks! A couple of bottles of wine or champagne, plus sparkling juice, will do the trick.

Tips for hosting a fantastic baby shower at work!

3. Cute (and disposable) Tableware! Add cute cups, some fabulous striped straws, and a stack of mod square plates and you not only dress up your treat table, you whittle your clean-up chores.

work baby shower decor

4. Easy to Hang Decorations! A standout garland or bunting–like this tassel garland–is the perfect way to personalize the space without hauling in tons of decorations. Bonus points if the garland can be hung from the table, eliminating the need for taping or tacking anything to the walls.

Personalizing a work baby shower with cute 'congrats' signs...

5. Something Personal! Custom “congrats” signs and cake toppers are the perfect finishing touch for a work baby shower. They are easy to put together and add something personal to the party.

How to put together a great baby shower for a co-worker (five simple steps)!

And that’s it. Work baby showers that are manageable, easy to put together, and fun for the mama-to-be and guests alike are a win-win-win!

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.


  1. Such a great post! And def. some good tips! Love the colour choice too!

    Julie Gallagher    Monday, August 19, 2013
  2. Pretty! Can you post a tutorial or simple directions for the garland? I love it!

    Bappleb7    Thursday, August 22, 2013
  3. Where did you get the polka dot disposable cups? They are adorable.

    Christin    Thursday, September 5, 2013

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