Who says dinosaur parties are just for boys? Add neon pink accents plus a hefty dose of gold and this prehistoric party turns gorgeously girly! Pink patterns, pops of neon, and a sprinkling of gold are a modern take on this classically masculine theme.

girly neon and gold dinosaur party by shiny happy sprinkles

girl dinosaur party

neon dinosaur party

girly dinosaur party

neon pink and gold dino party

dinosaur party favors and decor

neon and gold dinosaur party

Cheeky pink and gold dinosaurs, ranging from teeny toys to a triceratops bust, dot every surface from the treat table to the ‘Herbivore Station.’ A plethora of produce in fabulous neon bags (and sitting on a tablecloth of grass) make the healthier fare fun. Though, as always, the treat table creates quite the draw–the treat-guarding-dino’s won’t scare off a single guest. Favors (dinosaur toys and puzzles,) a ‘dino watering hole’ equipped with more than just water, and more pink and gold goodness rounded out the bright, sparkle-y festivities!

A Dinosaur Party for girls, more details and tutorials to come this week…

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

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  1. My niece, whose favorite color is pink, would LOVE this pink dino party. Yay for non-conventional themes!

    But certainly a dinosaur party doesn’t have to become pink and frilly to be girl-friendly. As a child, my favorite color was blue and I would have LOVED an all-blue dinosaur party!

    Emily    Monday, September 16, 2013

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