It’s great when there’s time to plan out and make special party food. But when the craziness of life overlaps with a party or event, the result can be a frenzy of stressed out, night-before baking (trust me, I have been there!). There is a better way–a trip to the grocery store. In fact, the entire menu for this Girly Dinosaur Party is store bought. Between the lineup of fruit for the herbivore station and a trip to Whole Foods’ bakery section for the treat table, this party menu came together with just an hour of errand running.

entirely storebought party menu

store bought party menu

all store bought party menu

neon dinosaur party

A chocolate cake (Whole Foods bakery is the best for these because you can get plain cakes without any floral, theme-y decorations), a package of vanilla mini cupcakes, frosted sugar cookies, a package of powdered donuts, several bags of pink candy, and bags and bags of fruit make for a yummy, but oh-so-simple, party menu. One bonus of streamlining the menu–a little extra time for working on some of the dinosaur party decor projects (aka- spray painting things gold and neon pink).

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

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