Wow, is it really time for Christmas shopping already? That means it’s time to think about wrapping presents too. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is gift wrapping. It started when I was young and my mom would ask me to wrap last minute presents on Christmas Eve. I made sure all of the corners were crisp and the folds were neat. When I was in college I used my hard earned money to have the expensive department stores wrap my gifts–I loved the way they looked under the tree. Now I wrap our presents at home and I use real satin ribbon and add a cute tag, candy cane or a fun ornament to the top just like the fancy schmancy stores do. (You can see my new favorite layered bow here and more gift wrapping ideas too.) And I’ve been known to (over) stock up on wrapping paper just to have a variety on hand. I’m really loving vintage wrapping paper lately. It gives my presents a retro look that’s hard to create with modern wrapping paper. And it’s extra festive this time of year!


From my collection All Wrapped Up: 1. Christmas Village | 2. Santa Baby | 3. Shiny Brite | 4. O Christmas Tree | 5. Mid Century Modern | 6. Merry Christmas USA

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