Kids love having games to play on holidays. They don’t have to be anything big or elaborate, just something simple and fun. This St. Patrick’s Day serve Lucky Shamrock Cupcakes for a little treat and a little surprise!


These aren’t just cupcakes, but a game of luck as well. The aim of the game is to eat the “lucky” cupcake – which is filled with green shamrock quins. There is only one cupcake with the lucky shamrocks, so there can only be one winner!


To make the cupcakes you will need: unfrosted cupcakes, green frosting, cupcake icing kitshamrock striped cupcake ringsgreen shamrock quins, knife

First, gently cut out a small hole into one of the cupcakes. Only make the hole go about half way down into the cupcake, and only about 1/2 inch wide. Fill the cupcake with the green shamrock quins. Frost all the cupcakes and top with the adorable shamrock striped cupcake rings. I also dressed mine up a little more by placing them in a second baking liner and then into a nut cup.




Have these adorable cupcakes at a party, or as an after school treat! You’ll keep all the kids guessing until the “lucky” cupcake is found. And then you’ll finally know who really is the luckiest one!


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  1. How cute is this!? I’m all over any thing that remotely resembles a game- and eating cupcakes? The best kind of game. Love it.

    Colleen Pastoor    Friday, March 7, 2014

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