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Are you ready to celebrate Mother’s Day? A DIY “mom” cake topper is a sweet addition to your Mother’s Day festivities and it’s super simple to make.

DIY cursive cake topper for Mother's Day

You Will Need: pre-made chocolate cake (from Whole Foods or any grocery store that sells plain frosted cakes), chocolate candy melts, wax paper, “m-o-m” printout (see link below), and a pastry bag and tip (I have the closed star tip from the best-ever icing kit- love!)

Directions: Set the wax paper on top of the printed “m-o-m” paper, weighting the corners down so the wax paper doesn’t curl. Follow the directions on the Candy Melt bag for melting the candy melts. Once melted, scoop the melted chocolate into the pastry bag, twisting the bottom to prevent drips. Position the pastry bag filled with chocolate above the word and trace with the pastry bag tip. The chocolate comes out quickly, so work fast. Let the chocolate set up, peel off the wax paper and place on top of a cake bound for Mother’s Day festivities- gorgeous!

how to make a cursive cake topper

DIY mother's day cake topper

DIY mother's day cake topper


Now that the cake is ready, it’s time to find a Mother’s Day gift for your mom. I’ve got tons of Mother’s Day gift ideas that my mom would like in my eBay collections.

mothers day gift ideas

Create your own #eBayMom collections (like I did) for a chance to win $500 to shop on eBay. Use the prize money to buy your mom’s gift or let her shop for her own. There are weekly winners, so create as many gift collections as you like before May 11. Click for all of the details.

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