I’m excited about a new series that you might have noticed here and there on the blog this year. Flower makeovers! I will be taking readily accessible flowers (think grocery store) and showing you how to turn them into professional looking arrangements… without breaking the bank! Hooray! I’ll share tips and tricks along the way so that anyone can make lovely looking arrangements. Because I think every party can use a few flowers.

grocery store bouquet

If you haven’t arranged flowers before, you have probably purchased them, taken them home, trimmed the ends, and placed them in a vase. Maybe something like this? We’ve all done it and really there is nothing wrong with it. You can’t mess up flowers, but if you want to go the extra mile, I’ll show you how to make a great grocery store bouquet in just a few steps.


Step One: The Flowers This bouquet came with pink pixie carnations, green kermit poms, yellow daisy poms, white daisy poms, and white alstromeria. I also bought some pretty baby pink gerbera daisies to add a good focal point to the arrangement. One tip when you are buying flowers is to pick something you are attracted to. Often grocery store flowers are a mix of wild colors, and while you can make those work, your job will be simpler if you start with a pleasing color palette.


Step Two: The Extras Here’s where we start to make an ordinary bouquet awesome. Find a great container (not just that weird glass vase you’ve had in the closet for a decade), cool greenery, branches, wire, buttons, paper, etc. Any unique elements you can incorporate will transform your arrangements, no matter your skill level. I’ve added a pink glass vase, spanish moss, curly willow branches, and fun lime green wire.


Step Three: Group, Bind, Repeat This is where it gets fun. First, strip all of the greenery off the stems of your flowers and any blooms that are lower on the stem. Keep these for later. Next, start arranging groups of flowers in your hand. One trick is to keep like flowers together. Arrange a small bunch and keep the heads of the flowers at the same level (as much as possible). Once you like a small bunch of flowers bind them with a rubber band. Then move on to the next bunch of flowers. Keep creating small bunches of flowers until you’ve used them all up. This method is great because it helps you to keep the flowers together while still allowing wiggle room for adjustments later.


Now that you have a few bunches of flowers, arrange them together in your hand. Once you like how it looks in your hand, bind the whole thing together with another rubber band. You will see that you can shift one bunch up or down as well as the individual flowers.


Step Four: Cut and Fill Now you have a cute little bouquet of flowers and you need to fit it to your vase. Hold up your flowers next to your container and eyeball where you need to cut the stems so that the heads of the flowers hit the rim of the container. Always err on the side of too long because you can always go shorter, but you can’t go longer!


Depending on the size of your container and how many flowers you have, you may have some space to fill. I am going to add the spanish moss and the curly willow to fill the gap.


Add those items and voila! You’ve got a pretty darling arrangement!


Step Five: Embellish So you could stop at pretty darling, but I’m going to take it a step further and add some blooms to the branches with that cute green wire I showed earlier. Cut a few pieces of wire and grab those extra blooms you pulled off the stems earlier. Cut the stems very short and wrap the wire around the tiny stem. Then wire the blooms onto the branches for a flowering branch effect. Wrap a few pieces of the wire to the branches for a shiny pop of color too. You can wire on buttons, paper flowers, love notes or anything you can imagine!



There you go! Now step back and enjoy your transformation. Keep practicing and don’t feel like it has to be perfect. The more fun you have, the better it will turn out.


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  1. This is stunning! I can already see I am going to LOVE this series and am off to the shops to try this out.

    Julie    Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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