I’m sure you’ve been seeing it everywhere this year, it’s the Pantone Color of the Year. The color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. I was inspired by this lovely shade of purple and wanted to share some ways you could incorporate it into your parties. These ideas would be great for any party where you just wanted to show your people some love.

pantone color of the year

Idea One: Orchid Favor I found this tiny orchid at Trader Joe’s and was smitten. Orchids are cool, but miniature orchids? Awesome. This is obviously a great way to bring in this fun shade of purple and all you need is a great container (I’ve sprayed a simple pot with chalkboard paint) and a name tag. Add some moss, cute dishes, and a little pop of purple paper and you have, very simply, added flair to your dinner table! You could go one step further and write a kind note and nestle it right into the moss.


Idea Two: Love Note Placemat This idea takes no time at all. Grab a white pen and black cardstock and get to writing! Don’t worry about making it perfect, just write things you love about the person in your natural handwriting in rows across the paper. I broke the words up using tiny dots and hearts but do whatever you like. Finish up the corners with a rounded-corner punch and you have a keepsake note doubling as your party decor. I also found a simple initial from the craft store and cut and glued glitter cardstock on the top to mark the seat.


Idea Three: Conversation Hearts We aren’t talking about the candy here. Instead I’m using simple cardstock in a variety of shades, cut into hearts, wrapped up with bouillon wire, and placed in the center of your plate. Include a couple pens tied with a bit of ribbon and watch the compliments fly. Each guest can write things they love about the other guests at the party!


As your guests write, they can share what they wrote and toss the heart into the middle of the table. Your plate decorations will soon create a darling centerpiece for the rest of the meal. Afterwards, each guest can take their hearts to keep or you could string them up into a garland. Either way you’ve created a darling centerpiece, played a fun game, AND spread the love.



Hope you are inspired by this lovely shade of purple too!

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  1. The color is beautiful but the ideas are awesome sauce!! Thanks for sharing!

    Janet    Thursday, July 17, 2014

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