Huckleberry Finn First Birthday Party: Inspired by a children’s book

When planning a children’s party there are a lot of places to look for inspiration. Many come from popular movies or video game characters. But there are also themes that are less “in-your-face” too! Think about your child’s favorite toy, book, or outfit. It’s so fun and creative to take something like that and turn it into party décor and activities. For this first birthday party (which are a delight in and of themselves) I was inspired by a darling Huckleberry Finn board book.

huckleberry finn party

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a classic book, and in this BabyLit camping primer version there are such lovely illustrations and clever quotations from the real story by Mark Twain. Think rafts, clotheslines, fishing, and friends. So cute!


When using something as inspiration, you don’t have to copy every last detail. For this party I used the following five elements from the book to create a festive put-together party without trying to match every detail:

• General campy feel of the book
• Colors and patterns from the illustrations
• Font used in the book
• Clothespins
• Rafts


1. Campy Feel: Since the book is a camping primer (teaching kids about camping using a classic book), I wanted the party to feel kind of like you were on an outdoor adventure. So without going overboard, I made it feel like one. We grilled hotdogs and roasted s’mores, then stepped it up a notch with fancy toppings and food labels. I also simply held the party outside.


2. Colors and Patterns: Using the colors and patterns from the book was probably the biggest element I pulled for the party. The colors are so great in this board book – reds, turquoise, olive, goldenrod, orange. It was perfect and great for an end-of-summer bash! I used the colors from the papers for favors and garlands. I had a blast picking out fun campy patterns too – like bandana, faux wood, and polka dot.


3. Font: The font used in the book was fairly distinctive. All caps and funky. I purchased a cool font called “Press Style” that has a similar vibe to the book and used it to create the food labels, activity, and favors. (Printables coming later this week.) Throwing in a fabulous font is a great way to tie your party theme together.


4. Clothespins: One of the pages in the book has a cute clothesline (where Huck Finn decides to borrow some clothes) and the clothespins on the line grabbed my attention. Ideas started flying and I ended up using clothespins to hang signs and make favors. I even got mini clothespins to construct the food labels. Who hasn’t wanted to buy mini clothespins? Now you have a reason. It was fun to take a simple element like this and brainstorm fun ideas.


5. Raft: The raft page is really what hooked me on this darling book in the first place. I used the raft page as inspiration for the party activity. Get excited! I have a full ‘how to’ to share this week AND it doubles as a service project. Score!


Stay tuned for the pictures from this real life party including “how tos” for the food, décor, favors, and activity. I hope you love it too and start thinking of out-of-the-box things you can use as party inspiration. Click for more Huckleberry Finn Party ideas.

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