If you’re planning your own Huckleberry Finn birthday decorations, consider holding the party outdoors. This way you won’t need a lot of extra decor. The biggest focus is on the food (the best part of a party, right? — see tomorrow’s post dedicated to that) but include a few things to tie in the theme of the book: hang some simple garlands, decorate a store bought smash cake, and make very simple favors.


Garlands: These garlands are so easy to make. Cut out a bunch of triangles in coordinating colors and stitch together on your sewing machine. You can make all of these in about an hour. Hang them by the food, above the birthday boy, and by the activity station. They’re fun, colorful and bring attention to all the important stops at the party. Hang one on the highchair for the birthday boy too–a simple way to dress it up without going overboard. If you’re like me, you’ll also have to have this adorable letter-pressed map from the book.




Cake: Go easy-peasy on the cake. After all it’s just going to be smashed by a one-year-old. To dress it up, I asked the baker to do a mini smash cake but had them add one extra level. Most grocery stores or other professional bakers will make a tiny cake special for smashing and add the extra level to make the cake a bit more impressive looking. Make some darling paper flags similar to the flag in the book on the raft and added a bunch to the top. It’s simple, affordable, and makes a fun impact for pictures!


Favors: I always like to think of favors to give away that someone may actually use again, so I decided on magnets. To make them, glue a white magnet (spray paint them if you can’t find white) to a clothespin. Let it dry. Print a big “THANKS SO MUCH” (see printable download below) on white cardstock, cut them out, and cut pieces of cute scrapbook paper just bigger than the “THANKS SO MUCH” and clip together with the clothespin. Hang all the magnets on a metal doorframe for guests to take on their way out. They double as decoration too.



Come back tomorrow for details on the food. It’s going to be delicious. Click for more Huckleberry Finn Party ideas.

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