For this Hucklebarry Finn Birthday party you might have to feed a lot of people quickly and affordably. But you’ll want to have something yummy too. Since the theme of the book is camping, my first thought was hotdogs and s’mores. To make it just a little classier, add a bunch of delicious toppings to the mix. Yay for classy camping party food! Here’s how.


Gourmet Hotdog Bar: For the hotdog bar, simply print the recipes (see printable downloads below), hang up with a clothespin, put out the toppings complete with labels and let your guests pile on the goodness.



Bahn Mi Dog: This hotdog is inspired by the Vietnamese sandwich with cilantro, shredded carrot, sliced cucumbers, and spicy mayo. The spicy mayo is a simple mix of mayo, sriracha sauce to taste, and a dash of sugar.


Reuben Dog: This hotdog was inspired by a Reuben sandwich with thousand island dressing, shredded swiss cheese, and sauerkraut.


Simple Dog: This is just a plain-jane, no-nonsense dog with ketchup and mustard.


For side dishes serve up chips, carrot slices, and mini pickles. I actually lucked out and found chip bags that coordinated with the party colors. Win!





Gourmet S’mores Bar: For the s’mores bar, set out a delightful array of common and varied s’mores toppings and your guests will have a hay-day creating all sorts of exciting s’mores combinations! The winner at this party was a mallow between two Ritz crackers and peanut butter, chocolate sauce, and a banana slice. The possibilities are endless!






Tomorrow is a party activity that doubles as a service project. It is pretty darn adorable and inspired by the book! Click for more Huckleberry Finn Party ideas.

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