What fall soiree is complete without a lineup of yummy pies? And these “Sweet as Pie” toppers (attached to cute polka dotted straws from Bake It Pretty) are the perfect finishing touch to this most fall-ish of treats.

free fall treat printables- sweet as pie toppers

free printable

free fall treat printables- sweet as pie toppers

Just download these “sweet as pie” toppers below, print, cut out, tape to a fun straw, and use to adorn a delicious apple pie (or pumpkin, pecan, even blueberry pie).


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Want to add a little extra wow to your fall soiree or Thanksgiving table settings? Enter these printable silverware boxes.

free printable silverware boxes

free fall printables- silverware boxes

Tuck a pile of boxed silverware in a pretty bowl for grab-and-go service, or set on plates as part of a fabulous fall place setting.

free printable silverware boxes

Download the silverware box printables, print and assemble before your next fall fete!


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Pumpkin pie season is officially here- hooray! There are seven thousand great things about fall, but pumpkin pie everything (and crunchy leaves! and boots!) pretty much top the list.

free fall treat printables- pie boxes

free printable pie boxes

To celebrate I put together a little lineup of fall treat printables- today’s freebie is a printable pie box, perfect for favor boxes, Thanksgiving leftovers, or fall dinner parties!

free printable pie boxes for fall

Just download the printable pie boxes below, print, cut, and assemble. Won’t these be a fun addition to your fall entertaining this year?


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Did you ever make cute little tissue ghosts as a kid? While I loved making them as a kid, these cupcake liner Candy Ghosts as a little easier, and a whole lot cuter. The cupcake liner adds a cute little frilly ghost skirt, and is the perfect size for Dum Dum pops.


These little ghosts make a great treat for a school or church carnival, or also as a fun way to dress up trick or treat candy! Let your kids in on the fun by letting them add cute or spooky faces to the candy ghosts.


To make a Candy Ghost you will need:
White cupcake liners
Dum Dum pops
Clear small hair elastics
Permanent fine point marker

Directions: First, place a cupcake liner over your Dum Dum pop. Next, place a second layer over the pop. Doing the cupcake liners one at a time helps the ghost skirt poof a little more. Take a hair elastic and double it over the head of the candy ghost. Use a marker to draw a face on your ghost.



A Halloween cakewalk always needs some good cupcakes! While we would all love to have all the time to bake fresh homemade cupcakes, we know that it doesn’t usually happen. This year go buy those easy store bought cupcakes, and with a few good tricks, dress them up to be the hit of the cakewalk!


To make these Spider Web Cupcakes you will need:
White chocolate
Spider web free printable template
Parchment paper
Disposable pastry bag
Spider rings
Black and white chevron cupcake liners


Directions: First, print out the spider web template. Tape some parchment paper over the top of the template. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave by heating it in 30 second intervals. Place the melted white chocolate in a pastry bag. Snip off the end of the pastry bag. Try to make a very small hole. Use the template as a loose guide for your spider webs. Loosely drizzle the white chocolate in the spider web shape. Don’t try to make it perfect, it needs to be a loose flowing web.

Let the white chocolate set up by placing it in the fridge for a few minutes. Once your chocolate has set up, gently pick one up off of the parchment paper and place into your cupcake. Place a spider in front of the white chocolate web. Place the cupcake inside a black and white chevron cupcake liner.





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