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Hosting an at work baby shower for a co-worker presents a whole host of tricky issues: shorter party time, less control of the space, and celebrating something really personal (Having a baby! Yay!) in a professional environment. However, after helping put together a plethora of work showers, overcoming the tricky factors and pulling off something fabulous is not as hard as it seems.

Five simple essentails for putting together a fabulous (and personal) at-work baby shower!

Five simple steps to a great at-work baby shower:

How to make a baby shower at work fabulous (tip 1- order/make something special to eat!)

1. Yummy Food! Something special (like these bakery-ordered mini bundt cakes) is a great way to make the mama-to-be feel special. Single serve items are a great ice breaker with shower guests and offer the added bonus of not requiring a server–guests can just serve themselves.

Five simple steps to a fabulous baby shower at work!

2. Yummy Drinks! A couple of bottles of wine or champagne, plus sparkling juice, will do the trick.

Tips for hosting a fantastic baby shower at work!

3. Cute (and disposable) Tableware! Add cute cups, some fabulous striped straws, and a stack of mod square plates and you not only dress up your treat table, you whittle your clean-up chores.

work baby shower decor

4. Easy to Hang Decorations! A standout garland or bunting–like this tassel garland–is the perfect way to personalize the space without hauling in tons of decorations. Bonus points if the garland can be hung from the table, eliminating the need for taping or tacking anything to the walls.

Personalizing a work baby shower with cute 'congrats' signs...

5. Something Personal! Custom “congrats” signs and cake toppers are the perfect finishing touch for a work baby shower. They are easy to put together and add something personal to the party.

How to put together a great baby shower for a co-worker (five simple steps)!

And that’s it. Work baby showers that are manageable, easy to put together, and fun for the mama-to-be and guests alike are a win-win-win!

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

Make your baby shower extra special with these adorable baby shower favor pins that guests can wear at the party and then take home. It’s a great way to reveal the baby’s gender too – package ‘em up and mail them out to friends and family. Or use these DIY medallions as gift toppers for the expectant mom-to-be at the shower.

Baby Shower Favor Pins on #babyshowerideas

You will need: cookie cutters, polymer clay, rolling pin, awl (or other object that can be used for carving), pin backs, craft or super glue

Directions: Roll polymer clay into a ball to warm it up and make it easier to roll out with a rolling pin. Roll out the clay into a thin slab about 1/4 inch thick. Use a circle cookie cutter to create the base, along with two small, long strips of clay. Attach the two strips to the back of the circle by scoring the back and pressing down lightly. Flip back over and set aside. Next, roll out another piece of clay in a contrasting color to the same 1/4 inch thickness and use cookie cutter animals to create the piece that will lay on top of the clay ribbon base. Lightly score the back of the animal that you cut out and attach it to the front of the ribbon base. Bake in the over according to instructions. Once completely cool, flip the entire piece over and glue on a pin back using craft or super glue. Wait for the glue to completely dry before using.

baby shower favor pins on #babyshower

baby shower favor pins on #babyshower


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Add these DIY baby shower drink stirrers to your signature beverage for an extra pop of color and cuteness. Choose a shade to match your theme or reveal the gender with pink or blue. And when the party is over, pop the clay trinket off of the stirrer and you have a tiny keepsake from the day.


You will need: cookie cutters, polymer clay, rolling pin, awl or other object that can be used for carving, stir sticks, craft glue

Directions: Roll out a medium sized piece of clay into a thin slab about 1/4 inch thick. Using cookie cutters, cut out different shapes and then carve any details with an awl or clay carving tool. Bake in the oven according to instructions and let cool. Add a small bead of glue to the back of the clay shapes and attach stir sticks. Let the glue dry completely for several hours or according to manufacture instructions and then pop the finished stir sticks into drinks at the shower.



Photography, design and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff.

April showers aren’t just rain showers! If you’re planning a shower to welcome a new little one into the world and are looking for some adorable invites, then you’ll want to check out this collection of cutie patootie baby shower invitations.


1. Safari Showers by Pear Tree Greetings | 2. Baby Elephant by Pistols for Minted | 3. Baby Duckling by Pear Tree Greetings | 4. Little Egg by Hannahcloud Design for Brightside Prints | 5. Alphabet Blocks by Mai Yi-Chun Lin for Paper Culture | 6. Rustic Ribbons by Jennifer Wick for Minted | 7. Baby Boat by Olive and Violet for Minted | 8. Buzzing in Baby Love by Pear Tree Greetings | 9. Cloud Nine by Robin Ott Design for Minted

Ideas by Kristen Magee.

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