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Here is another mini party, a bat party. This theme can be used for a child whose birthday is in October, or for a child who loves bats (like mine–no seriously, she loves bats), or for a Halloween party. Go batty with this theme.

If you’re taking a picture of your child’s head for this invite, try to use only 1/3 of the frame so that the picture isn’t too large. Another tip is to take the picture in front of a white wall so that it’s easier to cut out the head. If you are using Photoshop, size the head to 2-2 1/2 inches. Click on the images below to download the PDFs.

Photo and invitation design by Sara Westbrook.

Here is the cake and bat brownies for the bat party. These bats were  cut out of black cardstock and glued with hot glue onto floral wire. Crushed Oreos adorn the top of the cake to resemble dirt.

A red velvet surprise awaits inside this cake.

To make these cute, chocolate bat wings: melt chocolate of your choice and put it in a plastic ziploc baggie. Snip one corner of the baggie to let the melted chocolate out. Draw a bat wing with the chocolate and fill in the outline with more chocolate. If needed, use a skewer to help move the chocolate around enough to fill in every spot. Make a small slit in the top of the brownies for the wings. After the chocolate has cooled, carefully lift the chocolate wings and place into the slit in the top of the brownie.

Make sure to trace these bats onto black paper cardstock or use the leftover black cardstock from the invites. Click on the picture above for the PDF link.

Photos and concept by Sara Westbrook.

Here is the final post of our mini party: the bat party.

Bat treasure hunt: party guests look for clues in your dimly lit house with flashlights (they can later take home the flashlights as their party favor). Roll each clue and secure with a bat ring then hide the clues around your house. Don’t forget to keep the first clue to read. And you might want to make a note where you hid each clue in case you forget or someone else helps with the party game. Read the first clue to the party guest. It should give a hint to where the next clue is hidden and then the next clue gives a hint to where the next clue is hidden, etc. An example might be, “Look for a spot that’s the color of red, it’s a comfy place where you lay your head” (under a pillow). Make as many clues as you think will hold their attention and will last the length of time needed. The last clue will lead everyone to a container holding vampire teeth (or anything else you would like to use) and these will be a take home favor as well.

Here is the link for the outer invitation, inner invitation, and cake downloads and I’ve added them to the other posts as well.

Have fun at your batty party!

Photo and printables by Sara Westbrook.

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