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car p hat
For this car party I wanted to make the ordinary party hats a little cuter. I just made up my own way of adding these tissue paper pom-poms.
zoom hat tutorial


1. You will need: scissors, thread, tissue paper, tape and a party hat.
2. Using one sheet, cut the tissue paper into long, thin strips. Since the tissue paper was already folded, I didn’t need to fold it. But if your tissue paper isn’t folded, folding it will make this step easier.
3. I tied a long piece of thread around the middle of the tissue strips, making sure the thread is long enough to feed all of the way through the hat. After the strips were tied together, I cut all of the ends of the tissue paper strips to make the pom pom effect.
4. Then I fed the thread through the top hole.
5. I pulled the thread tight and then taped it to the inside of the party hat. Then I trimmed the thread so that it wouldn’t show out the bottom.
6. Here’s what it should look like when you’re done.
car p hats
Then I fluffed each of the pom-poms. Ta Da!

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bake it pretty red
I bought my cupcake liners for this party from Bake It Pretty on Etsy. I love this shop.
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car p invite
car p happy
car p popcorn
car p candles
car p cupcakes
car p table
car p scene
car p favor bag
Party pictures by: Brook Andreoli

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