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I have to have a piñata at this year’s Cinco De Mayo celebration–I can’t help myself. If you feel the same way, this Cinco de Mayo pinata garland is for you!

The most exciting thing about these little piñatas is they double as a festive party garland AND a party favor. At the end of the night, simply cut down your garland and pass out your piñatas for your guests to take home. And (bonus) they’re the simplest piñatas you will ever make.

Cinco de Mayo pinata garland on #cincodemayo #pinata

You will need: paper cups, tissue paper, standard hole punch, hammer, small nail, string, 2 inch circle cardstock or heavy paper, glue, individually wrapped candies

Directions: To start, take a paper cup and gently poke two holes at the top with the hammer and nail. Loop some string through the holes and tie. This little loop of string is how you will string your piñata into a garland. Next, turn your cup over and stuff it with candy. Take a 2 inch circle of cardstock and punch two holes in it. Tie string through the holes of the cardstock circle, and leave a foot or two of string. Place the cardstock circle on top of the candy in the cup. Then, take a 5×5 inch square of tissue paper. Punch a hole in the middle. Place the tissue paper over the top of the cup. String the long foot or two of string through the tissue paper hole. Glue the edges of the tissue paper down around the paper cup. Once the piñata is stuffed, covered, and dried, decorate the outside of the paper cup with tissue circles, fringe, and squares.

Cinco de Mayo pinata garland on #cincodemayo #pinata

Cinco de Mayo pinata garland on #cincodemayo #pinata

Cinco de Mayo pinata garland on #cincodemayo #pinata

Repeat until you have made all the piñatas you need! Turn the piñatas over and hang up by stringing them onto a string. To break open the piñata, all you need to do is to pull the string hanging out of the tissue paper. You might run into the same problem I find at my house, though. Once I have a piñata hanging up, it isn’t very long before I have excited little children begging me to let them pull the string!

Photography, design + styling by Sara Schmutz.

When you think of Cinco de Mayo, you think of fabulous food, lively colors, and lots and lots of garlands! Today a cupcake garland (and tomorrow an adorable piñata garland). Everyone loves a cupcake, but everyone loves a cupcake even more when it has something festive on top.

Cinco de Mayo on #cincodemayo #cupcakes

You will need: wooden dowels or caramel apple sticks, string, tissue paper, scissors, 2 inch circle punch

Prep Work: Cut out a variety of simple shapes such as circles, squares, and small rectangle fringe. Stick one wooden stick into each cupcake. It is easier if your cupcakes are already arranged. Tie some string from one stick to the other. Fold your shapes in half, and string them along the string as you would clothes on a clothesline. Make your miniature garland more secure by gluing the tissue paper shapes onto the string, or you can leave them and hope they don’t fall off too often.

Cinco de Mayo on #cincodemayo #cupcakes

Cinco de Mayo on #cincodemayo #cupcakes

This garland was inspired by simple shapes and is easy to recreate. You don’t have to use cupcakes, these Cinco de Mayo cupcake decorations can easily dress up other festive food platters.

Photography, design + styling by Sara Schmutz.

It’s Cinco de Mayo! Grab your sombreros and invite your amigos over for a fiesta. So there’s no double dipping, serve everyone their own appetizer in a margarita glass. Crumble chips to fill the stem, fill the cup with half guacamole and half salsa, and top it off with a slice of lime. Finish your party with a game of pin the tail on the donkey and send your guests home with mini pinata party favors. Ole!

Click on the invitation above to download the invite. Background papers donated from American Crafts (aren’t they cute?).

Photos and graphic design ©One Charming Party.

We’ve got the Cinco de Mayo fever around here so we’re taking this party south of the border. Here is a simple mini pinata that you can make with your kids (or as a party favor). Whip it up in minutes. No paper mache required!

1. Take two white paper cone cups and cut off the tips. For the top cone: loop a piece of ribbon over and tie a knot with the ends. Push through the hole. For the bottom cone: knot two ribbons together and push the loose ends through the hole.

2. Fill the cones with candies, party poppers, and a mustache. Carefully hot glue the cones together.

3. Decorate the pinata with some tissue garland from Sweet Lulu in festive colors and attach with hot glue (or make this yourself by fringing crepe paper streamers). We added a scrapbooking embellishment from American Crafts to the front. (The adorable background papers are also from American Crafts, generously donated.)


Photos ©One Charming Party.

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