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Party invitations. This was really a Diego party and a jungle party, but to make it less cartoon-y (more on that topic in another post) I focused almost entirely on the jungle theme. For this birthday party I wanted the invitations to set the tone for the whole event. The kids invited were all 3 and 4 years old so I knew a pre-party hat would get them excited. And because it was a jungle theme, it’s perfect for a girl and boy party (since children at this age have friends of both genders).

Since most of the party budget was allotted to the party favors and the party games, the invitations had to be inexpensive. This is the actual invitation that was delivered to each guest. A simple foam animal hat like this can be found at many party and craft stores. They cost about $1 or $2. I typed up the party information and had it copied onto cream colored cardstock. Using a large die cut that I typically use for banners, I cut the party info out into a circle shape and cut another circle out of a map scrapbooking paper and attached them using some adhesive. With some brown ink and a small sponge, I softly inked the edges to give this jungle invite an aged look. When I was finished I punched a hole at the top and tied the invites to the foam giraffe hats with inexpensive brown ribbon. An easy peasy diy invitation.

This picture shows the front and back of the party invitations.

This is another hat option for this invite. These safari hats are a little harder to find, but they are just as cool.
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Chocolate cupcakes. Yum. I ordered mini chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles for this party (from Cakewalk Baking Co.) but I thought they would be too plain for the young kids attending. I needed to add some wow and to pull the party together. Adding more elements from the jungle theme seemed to make sense. And how about a little bit of Diego. I knew I definitely wanted cupcake toppers, but I couldn’t decide what was best. Fondant palm trees? Paper zoo animals? Sugar frosting Diego heads? I had purchased all of these options ahead of time, waiting until the mood struck to make my final decision. I ultimately decided to use them together. Viola. It turned out to be just the right combo. So don’t be afraid to mix and match things like cupcake toppers at your next party.
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Binoculars. As party favors. If you’re going to send home a party favor, it should either be edible or high enough quality that it won’t end up in the trash. I’ll be perfectly honest, it’s expensive to give a real pair of binoculars to each guest.  And you might choose a different party favor for your jungle themed event. But please think through the life span of every party item you buy, including the items you send home with  your guests. Wow, I’m preachy today. What are your thoughts (even if you disagree)?
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By party games I mean face painting. And an animal show. Sometimes it’s hard coming up with birthday party ideas, but for this Diego Jungle Party I knew the kids needed to be turned into wild creatures and needed to go on an animal safari. Because after all, Diego is an animal rescuer. Do I even need to mention that they loved it?

The face painting was first. As the guests trickled in, each child had a turn becoming their animal of choice (thanks to a nearby face painter). And once everyone was transformed, the animal show started with local traveling wild zoo. This lasted for almost an hour.

Remember when you’re planning your party (and trying to incorporate–yet not totally include–a commercialized character) to focus on what that character does, not bombard your guests and clutter up your decor with character party supplies. Know what I’m saying?

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As I already said, the majority of the budget of this party was allotted to the party games and the party favors. So I got a little creative and figured out my own way to make a vine. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for, and it ended up just hanging form the light. But if you ever need to know how to make a vine, here you go…

1. Using a roll of brown craft paper, I cut off a bunch of 1 to 1 1/2 inch thick strips of paper.
2. I folded each strip into quarters.
3. Then I wrapped each folded strip around my finger to make a crazy, spirally vine piece.
4. Ta Da! A bunch of crazy, spirally vine pieces.
5. Using scraps of green fabric and felt, I cut out leaf shapes using my pinking shears (the scissors that make the triangle edge).
6. There isn’t a picture of this, but with my sewing machine I sewed a straight line down each vine piece, adding leaves randomly (this also flattened out and strengthened the vines). I also sewed the long vine pieces together by overlapping them a little bit and back stitching, making one continuous vine.
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