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Do you have a cupboard full of vases that you never use? I say we start eliminating that. Here’s my solution. Whenever I’m planning a party my goal is to reduce as much waste as possible and at the same time to throw in something unexpected. Add in that at the time of this party IKEA had these water pitchers on sale for about $1.50 each. Ta da, a perfect solution. But, you might be asking, what does all of this mean? It means that I found a flower vase that can be reused, is fun, and all for a great price. And here’s the genius of the whole thing. After the party is over you have beautiful floral arrangements that you can give away without worry. Inexpensive vases are great for this because they don’t have to be returned. Inexpensive vases that are really water pitchers are great for this because they don’t have to be returned and they have another life after the flowers die. Inexpensive vases that are really water pitchers and that are given as a gift are great for this because they don’t have to be returned, they have another life after the flowers die, and they bring happiness to someone else. Problem solved.

One of my favorite party ideas is to have the decor do double duty as gifts for the guest of honor. I did that a lot with this party to make it more economical and to reduce waste. I’ll show you what I mean.
I needed a focal point for the food table–something taller and bigger than anything else on there that would draw your eye. Kind of like a wedding cake does. Hhmmm, a cake. So I chose a diaper cake. We all know that diaper cakes can be used later for the diapers and this is great because baby’s use up tons of diapers.

I wanted to make a paper celebration banner for this shower and I worded it so that it could also be used to announce the arrive of the new baby: “hooray its a girl.” A great way to give this banner a second life is to display it at the hospital or in your front window to proudly exclaim the arrival of your little one.

Glass bottles were needed to provide stability in the diaper cake, but the bottle pack that I bought came with three. So I used the other two bottles as decoration and as a gift for the new mom to use, if needed.

I wanted to make this elephant pull toy as a gift for the baby or as a nursery room decoration. It also became the “cake” topper.

Okay, can you see how I integrated all of these gifts into decorating elements to help reduce the amount of throw away decor? What can you do at your next party?

I wanted to do a tutorial for this push toy, but I didn’t take any pictures as I was making them (I finished two). But I had a request for instructions and I finally caved and tried to recreate it without actually making a new elephant. Also, I took the pictures late last night so the photos are pretty bad. Sorry.

You will need:

1. Mod Podge 2. a sponge brush for the Mod Podge and and paint 3. acrylic paint, I used grey and pink 4. paper to cover the elephant body and ears, I used a grey pattern and a pink polka dot 5. a rough fingernail file 6. wooden toy wheels (you can get these at a craft store) 7. ears cut out of 1/4 inch particle board 8. two 2-inch pieces of wooden dowel (match the dowel thickness with the hole in the wheel) 9. an animal pattern, I’ve had this one for many years, I thinks it’s from a Martha Stewart Baby magazine 10. a piece of wood that fits your animal pattern

I forgot to show the wood glue, the clamp, and the sand paper. And you’ll need a scroll saw or a jigsaw to cut out the elephant pattern and a drill press or a hand held drill.


1. I didn’t take a picture of this, but first you will need to trace your animal pattern onto your wood and trace your ears onto the particle board. Cut them out using a scroll saw or a jigsaw. Using a drill or drill press, make a hole where pictured on the pattern that is slightly larger than the dowel that you will be using to allow the wheels to roll. Sand down the rough and uneven edges.
2. Using your new wooden elephant as a template, trace two elephant shapes and two ear shapes out of your paper and cut out. It’s better if the shapes are a little bit bigger than the wooden elephant because we’ll be filing the paper down for a perfect fit.
3. Paint the edge of the elephant grey, going around the whole elephant.
4. Paint the skinny edge of the ears pink.
5. Using Mod Podge and the sponge brush, adhere the paper to the wooden elephant. I only applied Mod Podge to the back side of the paper. Repeat for the ears.
6. After the Mod Podge dries, file down the edges of the paper to meet the edge of the wood using the rough file. This will create a crisp and distressed line along the elephant. Repeat for the ears.
7. Using just a little bit of wood glue, stick both of the ears onto the elephant body and hold in place with a clamp. Let dry overnight.
8. Meanwhile, spray paint your wheels grey and cut your dowel to size.
9. When everything is dry, insert the dowel through the drilled hole and glue the wheels to pieces of dowel.
10. Tie a matching bow and find someone to give your elephant push toy to.

These beautiful desserts were made by Tres Sucre.

These beautiful roses were arranged by Pink Petals.

Yummy food.

Another picture of the banner and the diaper cake.

All of these fun party pictures were taken by Melissa Papaj.

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