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Look who’s graduating! The preschool graduation continues today…

preschool graduation

There is bound to be plenty of picture taking at any preschool or kindergarten graduation party. We designed these fun, printable sign props to have on hand for all the little graduates to pose with. Download your Preschool or Kindergarten photo props and let the pomp and circumstance begin.

preschool graduation

Also create a matching striped mini “CONGRATS” banner in minutes. Simply print, cut and thread onto ribbon or string.

Photography, design and styling by Aimée Lowry and Bettijo B. Hirschi, the Sometimes Supermoms from

I have a special guest today and tomorrow, it’s Bettijo from again. She’s here to share a couple of Preschool Graduation ideas. Take it away Bettijo!

First I have to tell you a funny story… at each of the holiday parties for my daughter’s preschool class this year, I have re-created ideas I’d found right here on One Charming Party — like the Popcorn Turkey and Donut Tree. I’ve developed a bit of a reputation and now everyone is expecting something spectacular for the Preschool Graduation party. The problem? There aren’t any preschool graduation party ideas on One Charming Party… yet!

After racking my brain for ideas and coming up completely blank, I was hit with inspiration while driving my daughter home (from preschool of course). A fruit roll-up is easily transformed into a sweet, little diploma when removed from its package and tied up with black, satin ribbon. Truly what could be more fitting for a preschooler’s diploma than one of their favorite chewy treats?

To complete the presentation we’ve got a freebie printable sign and coordinating striped tray liner for you to download — plus we created a sign for both Preschool and Kindergarten graduation parties.

Come back tomorrow for our free printable photo signs, similar to our first day of school signs found here.

Photography, design and styling by Aimée Lowry and Bettijo B. Hirschi, the Sometimes Supermoms from

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