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Getting a group of friends together doesn’t always mean that they know each other. Filling a container with “Conversation Starters” to get everyone chatting is another one of our Literary Baby Shower ideas — and since much of this party decor is created from book pages sewn together, stitched detailing on the paper slips unifies the look.

Stitched Conversation Starters for Literary Baby Shower

Conversation Starters Close-up


Sibling Tshirts and Tags

If the new mother has other children at home, handmade t-shirts for each of the new baby’s siblings is a thoughtful gift. Download the high-resolution ABC Poster that can be printed as an 8×10 and framed, and the free printable ABC tags.

Design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry. Photography by Dana Broderick.

It’s thoughtful and fun to base the menu for a baby shower around the mother-to-be’s cravings — when else can you serve cold cereal and still feel elegant? To round out the spread serve scones with jam and honey butter as well as these scrumptious Snickerdoodle Muffins. And below you’ll see instructions for our DIY Ice Buckets.

Baby Shower Cereal Bar #cereal #pregnancycravings #capncrunch

Cereal Bar

DIY Ice Block Buckets for Milk #tutorial

Although Captain Crunch may be the main course, you can still serve the cereal bowls on your finest crystal pedestal. These genius DIY Ice Block Buckets keep milk cold for the Cereal Bar without detracting an ounce of style.

How to Make an Ice Block Bucket for Attractively Serving Cold Things at Parties #tutorial #iceblock

TO MAKE: Rinse an empty Goldfish carton then pour in distilled water to a depth of 2 inches. Freeze overnight. Remove from freezer and place an inexpensive vase (or other cylinder that is wider than the milk carafe) onto the now-solid ice base within the carton. Weigh down the vase with a handful of marbles or rocks. Pour distilled water between the vase and the carton and fill to desired height. Freeze for 2-3 days. Once solid, remove from freezer. Pour COLD water into your vase to help loosen and remove from carton. Tear the cardboard carton away to reveal your completed Ice Block Bucket. Keep frozen until party time. CAUTION: Hot water may crack your vase. In fact, all things considered this project is probably not the place for any heirloom pieces.

Design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry. Photography by Dana Broderick.

Type-filled pages extracted from old books infuse texture and style into this Literary Baby Shower’s decor right from the start.

Book Pages Door Sign

Paper Chains Book Decor

Classic paper chains from book pages get a modish vibe with random fuchsia links. Sew pages together to create a charming table runner topped with silver pots of miniature tissue paper pom poms.

Tissue Paper Flower Centerpiece

Tissue Flower Centerpieces #frugalcenterpieces #centerpieces

Book Pages Backdrop

Hang this dazzling book page backdrop behind the cereal bar and watch it silently dance during the party. Install it later as a mobile above a bookshelf in the baby’s nursery.

Design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry. Photography by Dana Broderick.

Here’s a party befitting the unborn child of the highest intellect. Inspired by the baby’s nursery, the decorative details of this literary baby shower theme are letter perfect. It’s smart to coordinate a shower theme with nursery decor (see this nursery’s inspiration board) so that items crafted for the party can be used afterwards in the baby’s room.

Book Pages Garland Backdrop #babyshower #literature

Girl Banner and Cereal Bar

Carefully disassemble old — but not priceless — books then sew the pages together with a straight stitch to create a sophisticated backdrop. Mother’s to be often have a sensitive palate. To satisfy unusual cravings serve a cold cereal bar centered around her favorite cereal.

Design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry. Photography by Dana Broderick.

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