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Some girls dream of the enchanting life of a mermaid–swimming in the water and searching for seashells all day or hanging out with other mermaid friends and enjoying the sun. You don’t need to live under the sea to create an aquatic adventure. This party has it all.

Our newest party plan, The Mermaid Party, is for sale. We’ll show you more next week, but for now you can see a preview in our shop.

Photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

Come make a splash at a party under the sea. Get young party guests excited about a fabulous Mermaid Party right from the start with these enchanting invitations. They’re available as part of our Mermaid Party Plan, so you can print as many as you need. For a preview, check this party out in our shop.

Top photo by Sara Westbrook; bottom photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Graphic design ©One Charming Party.

A magical cake doesn’t have to be complicated. This 6 inch cake is just the right size for the birthday girl to blow out her candles. And to keep everyone’s energy fueled for the upcoming activities, serve a yummy lunch. There’s even more detail in our Mermaid Party Plan. Check it out.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Cake by Davlyn Howland of Flour & Flower Designs.

At this Mermaid Party, the birthday girl is definitely the Queen of the Sea. And every queen deserves a crown. Make your own from colorful paper or get the pattern for this crown from our Mermaid Party Plan.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Graphic design ©One Charming Party.

A whole party full of fun in the sun activities await guests at this Mermaid Party. Everything from a shell dig to a relay race. And with our simple adaptations, you don’t even need a beach. All of these activities can be adjusted for your little mermaid to celebrate in your own backyard, at a park, or even the living room. More details and instructions are available in our Mermaid Party Plan.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

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