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These easy (and adorable!) heart shaped favor bags are the perfect compliment to a love themed soiree. Fill these bags with treats or toys and send your guests home with some love.

how to make heart shaped favor bags

how to make heart shaped favor bags

how to make heart shaped favor bags

Directions: Start with a red polka dot bag. Fold each bottom corner back, making a bottom point. Tape in place. Fold the top edge down, creasing about 1/3 of the way from the top. Fold the perforated edge under, doubling up the top fold. Fold each top corner back, meeting up with the bottom of the fold. Make a small slit in the top center of the bag, stopping after you’ve cut through all of the folded portion. Fold the center flaps away from the slit, making a heart shape. Unfold and fill with treats. Tape the top folds in place and you’re finished with your heart shaped favor bags!

how to make heart shaped favor bags

Valentine’s Day is long gone, but you can use this Love is Sweet theme for a bridal shower or to show your mom you love her. This party is a great way to remind the people you love that, well, you love them! And what better way to celebrate than a dessert table, decked out in red and pink and with generous doses of chocolate?

love is sweet party with free printables!

love is sweet valentines day party

love is sweet cake topper

love is sweet cupcake topper

love is sweet party confetti

love is sweet free party printables

love is sweet party

Even better, the Love is Sweet printable includes the cake topper, cupcake toppers and heart confetti (download below). Hopefully these goodies will make your next celebration a little bit sweeter.


This collection of super cool Mother’s Day greetings features a variety of cards that will let mom know just how special she is to you. From a sweet and simple “Happy Mother’s Day” sentiment to cleverly illustrated and darling, Dutch-inspired designs, we hope that you’ll find the perfect greeting for your favorite mom, mum, mommy, mama, or mother among these modern Mother’s Day cards.


1. No One Measures Up to You from Wild Ink Press | 2. Happy Mother’s Day from Ink Meets Paper | 3. Tip Top Mother’s Day from Anemone Letterpress | 4. Mom Classified Ad from Pink Orchid Press | 5. Dutch Mom from Fifty Five Hi’s | 6. Real Gem from Pinwheel Print Shop | 7. Mother Daughter from Rifle Paper Co. | 8. Wonder Mom from Hello! Lucky

Ideas by Kristen Magee.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re planning a special brunch or dinner, these small canvas place cards are a fabulous way to dress up the table. They’re not only beautiful as a place setting, but are also a wonderful keepsake from the day. You can get the kids involved by letting them make their own. Wouldn’t it be adorable to have a tiny canvas, colored by your child, from each Mother’s Day?

mothers day place card idea on #mothersday

You will need: template printable, 3×3 inch canvas, miniature canvas easels, permanent markers, pencil

Directions: First, print and cut out your template square. On the back of the template, rub the pencil led over the back of the template, covering up the back of the design. Next, place the template square, face up and pencil lead down, onto a 3×3 inch canvas. Take a pen or pencil and trace over your design on the template. The pencil lead on the back of the paper should transfer onto the canvas. Once you have finished tracing over all of the design, discard the template. You should be left with a light outline of your design on the canvas. Finally, use permanent markers to color in the design!

mothers day place cards on #mothersday

mothers day place setting on #mothersday

Make these little canvas art pieces for all the wonderful mothers, grandmothers, and daughters in your life!

Photography, design + styling by Sara Schmutz.

These lovely little diy crepe paper flowers are a sweet way to dress up any Mother’s Day gathering–from a simple breakfast in bed to an elaborate brunch. Or have your kids give grandma a special corsage that won’t wilt throughout the day. These flowers can be made in any color of crepe paper streamers.

Mother's Day Flowers on #mothersday

You will need: crepe paper streamers (in the colors of your choice), floral wire, floral tape

Directions: Start by taking the end of the crepe paper streamer. Twist the crepe paper around the end, slightly gathering it as you go. If, at first, you don’t like how it looks you can always start over. Play around with it until you’ve got just the fullness you like. Keep on gathering until your flower is the size you want. You can make a variety of sizes (like I did) to have a more natural look. Cut the end of the crepe paper. Fold the top corner of the end down to the bottom of the flower to create a triangle at the end of the flower. Roll the triangle at the bottom of the flower to complete your flower. Wrap the end with floral tape. Tape the flower onto a piece of floral wire.

Mother's Day Flowers on #mothersday

Mother's Day Flowers on #mothersday

Mother's Day Flowers on #mothersday

Make a whole bouquet with different sizes and a variety of colors. Tie them up with a small piece of ribbon and place into a  vintage style milk bottle. This makes a gorgeous kid-friendly centerpiece.

Photography, design + styling by Sara Schmutz.

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