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Bring on the bright lights and fireworks, you’re going to have a ball for New Year’s! Add spots of color to liven up a New Year’s Eve bash for the kids with some festive New Years decorations. Modify a traditional garland and create a center piece that will liven up your dinner table or party buffet.

new years decorations

You will need: honeycomb paper sheets, scissors, circle template, Glue Dots or double stick tape, bakers twine, metal hoop

Step One: Cut out three different circle templates by either tracing a small glass or by using circle punches to make them out of cardstock. Use your templates to cut out circles from the honeycomb paper. Fold each circle in half going towards you. Then fold on the same path going away from you. This will make a crease, perpendicular to the lines in the paper, on both of the flat sides of the paper. Starting on one side of the paper, place Glue Dots or double stick tape on the crease and one side of the circle. Fold in half around the twine and attach. Repeat on the open side and press closed gently with your fingers, making a ball. Continue down the twine, spacing the balls about 3 inches apart. Each strand should have about 5-6 various sized balls. Cut the twine, leaving excess length to attach to the metal hoop.

Step Two:  Once you have at least three strands, it’s time to hang your chandelier. See how the first few strands look next to each other before you are completely finished. It looks like the ball colors are random, but there is a little tweaking to make sure that you don’t end up with all your reds on one side.

Step Three: To hang your metal hoop, cut two pieces of twine, about 24” long. Tie each end on the hoop, on opposite sides, forming an X. Cut a third length of twine, double your desired length, for hanging and loop it under the point where the two pieces cross. Tie the ends of the third piece together and hang. You might need to adjust the pieces slightly to hang straight. Hang the hoop above your table.

Step Four: Finally, start attaching the remaining strands, varying the height and ball placement (this chandelier has 7 strands). Trim the extra twine to be flush with the bottom ball.

You can also use this same technique using only 2 inch circles to make the ball garland you can see in the background. Cheery little orbs are sure to set the New Year off in a colorful direction!

new years decorations

I know you’ll love her as much as I do–Jenny is the photographer and genius behind this clever craft. Check out more of her ideas at Hank + Hunt

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