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I’m taking a break from parties today to introduce you to one of my good friends and fellow blogger, Kirsten from The Crafting Chicks. Kirsten has been hard at work for months working on an amazing app for kids called Kid Chatteroo and it was finally released this week. Kid Chatteroo is a cool app with silly and creative questions for you to ask your kids.

As life gets busier and my kids get older I cherish the time that I get to spend with them. I’m always asking them questions about their day–how school was, who they sat by at lunch, if they have any homework, etc. I want every second to count while competing for their attention with the TV, music on their iPod, in between texts with their friends, and all of the after school activities and homework they have. I’ve found myself trying to get past the blah-blah-blah questions and answers. I’ve only had this app for a few days, and it’s targeted to younger children, but these questions have already been great conversation starters for me and my kids.

And since I always have parties on the brain, I think these would be fun and funny questions to ask at a party. Especially those times when you’re trying to keep kids entertained during the lulls (when you’re waiting for all of your guests to arrive, when you’re waiting for parents to arrive at the end, in between party games or activities, etc.).

Here are a few examples of the fun questions from Kid Chatteroo:

If dogs could talk, what would they say?
If you lived in an igloo, how would you stay warm?
If you ate a rainbow what would it taste like?
If you lived in candyland, what would your house be made of?
If you could drive a car, where would you go?

FYI: I didn’t get paid for this and I bought the app with my very own money. If you want to check it out, you can buy the app Kid Chatteroo in the Apple Store now. Or visit their website for more info:

Adorable elephants, ginger giraffes, and merry monsters delight in this collection of cute first birthday invites and greeting cards that are sure to bring heaps of smiles and fun to any little one’s birthday celebration.

cute first birthday invites

1. The Big One party invitations by Jennifer Wick for Minted | 2. Mr. Giraffe invites from Invitation Consultants | 3. Main Event birthday party invitations by Elum for Tiny Prints | 4. Giraffe invites by hannahcloud DESIGN for Brightside Prints | 5. Happy 1st Birthday card from Hello! Lucky | 6. One Happy Day invitations by The Occasional Hello for Minted | 7. Elephant & Mouse 1st birthday card from Sally and Andrew | 8. Monster Monster Boo! invitations from Paper Culture | 9. Big Top party invitations from Hello! Lucky | 10. Hot Air Balloon invites by Jill Means for Brightside Prints

Ideas by Kristen Magee.

Add a special handmade touch to your child’s next birthday with diy birthday candles on their cake!

You will need: candle wax & wick  (available at any craft store), Crayola color crayons broken into pieces, 2 glass jars

How to melt your wax: Place the wax into one of the glass jars. Put the glass jar in a pot of water on the stove. Turn the stove on to a medium low and let the wax slowly melt. Add a little bit of a Crayola color crayon to color your wax to color it. Mix different crayons together for unique colors.

How to make your candle: Take a string of wick a bit longer than you want the candle and dip all but the end of it into the hot wax. Try to avoid touching the sides or bottom of the glass jar. Quickly pull the wick out and dip it in the jar of cold water to set your wax. Repeat until you have the desired candle thickness.

Photos, design and styling by Sara Schmultz.

The color combo of tangerine, lemon and mint are just the right mix of summer and sweetness.

1 Bake It Pretty | 2 Couture By Ayca | 3 Confetti Sunshine | 4 Plates and Napkins | 5 Love the Day  | 6 Bake It Pretty

 Ideas complied by Sara Schmultz.

What better way to incorporate your party décor than decorating your cake stand? With a few swipes of Mod Podge and a few minutes of drying time, you can create your very own confetti cake stand in any color of the rainbow.

You will need:  a glass cake stand, tissue Paper, 1” hole punch, Mod Podge, and a paint brush.

Based on your party or theme, pick some coordinating colors of tissue paper. Carefully punch a bunch of circles with a 1″ hole punch. Be sure to make extra to sprinkle around your party! Place your glass cake stand upside down on your work surface. Pick up one piece of confetti in your finger tips and using your paint brush lightly coat one side of the confetti with Mod Podge. Stick onto your cake plate like a sticker. Be careful not to slide it around on the surface, and gently wipe away any streaks with a paper towel or Q-tip.  Repeat. Many times. Then repeat some more. Layer them until you like the result. If you want to remove a dot, just let it dry and peel it off. The dots are easily removable once your party is over. To make your creation more permanent, turn the stand upside down and spray the dots with a few layers of clear coat sealant and let dry (hand wash the stand if you decide to do this).

Once you have finished, you just flip over and enjoy. Since the dots and glue are under the glass, you can put food right on top with no worries.

Styling and photos by Jenny Batt

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