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trophy husband invite
trophy husband cake
trophy husband drink
trophy husband coconut
trophy husband veggies
trophy husband dinner
trophy husband pie
trophy husband macaroons
trophy husband shirt
trophy husband favor
trophy husband favor 2
trophy husband fortune
All of these fab photos were taken by the adorable Quinn Curtis of Limelight Photography. For more posts about this party click on the trophy husband tag below.

These beautiful desserts were made by Tres Sucre.

These beautiful roses were arranged by Pink Petals.

Yummy food.

Another picture of the banner and the diaper cake.

All of these fun party pictures were taken by Melissa Papaj.

pioneer banner2
Each girl got to pick a bonnet and apron at the beginning of the party.
pioneer 9bonnets
A place setting.
pioneer plate2
The table and cake.
pioneer 7table
Making the bread dough.
pioneer 13bread mixing
Small hands kneading dough.
pioneer 15breadmaking
The mini loaves of bread, raising.
pioneer 16mini bread
Here is the butter after the girls had shaken the jar for a very long time.
pioneer 21butter
Making homemade strawberry freezer jam.
pioneer jam mix
They ate some of the jam that we made during the party.
pioneer 24jam jar
The small jars of jam for the girls to take home.
pioneer little jam
Some guests eating at the table.
pioneer child k
Here is the game we played, The Clothes Pin Drop.
pioneer game2
They went on a wagon ride.
pioneer 34wagon
Each girl took home a bag of old fashioned candy along with their mini bread loaf and their small jar of jam.
pioneer 31favor
These adorable pictures were taken by the witty and charming Casey Hyer. For more posts about this party click on the American Girl Pioneer Party tag below.

Here are the party pictures for the Vintage Glam Barbie Party. The birthday girl turned six, but she might as well have been 16. She was so sophisticated and knew exactly what she wanted for this party.barbie invite edit
barbie front
barbie banner
For this party the guests started out with a glam makeover and a photoshoot with the photographer.
barbie makeup
barbie dressing
barbie be
See what I mean, tres sophistique.
barbie ra
Then the guests went to the bracelet table and made a bracelet.
barbie bracelet boxes
barbie cake table
Next was the sundae stations where guests drank pink lemonade, ate a mini cupcake, and put together their own pink sundae.
barbie drink whole table
barbie cupcake table
barbie luncheon trays
barbie sundae
Last was the pinata, full of ring pops of course.
barbie pinata
barbie pinata2
Here are the favors. They each contained a Barbie sticker, a lipstick shaped pen, mini bubbles, and ring inside the ring box.
barbie favors
Here’s the gorgeous cake again.
barbie cake2
All of these glamorous pictures were taken by the hip and humble Casey Hyer Photography. For more posts from this party click on the Vintage Glam Barbie Party tag below.

Since this was an eco-friendly artist party, I focused on eco stuff. And artsy stuff.
artist p easels
Here are the invitations again, made from 100% tree free paper and junk mail. Notice the request for absolutely no gifts. This is also a very eco-friendly idea since plastic toys often end up in the land fills.
artist p invite
The main table, with my rainbow of juices. I used resuable dishes to eliminate waste.
artist p full table
A platter of organic fruits.
artist p fruit
Cans recycled as marker holders, used at the coloring table.
artist p markers
Jars recycled to hold crayons, also used at the coloring table. I spray painted the lids.
artist p crayon jar
I made fabric banners out of stained clothing and old pillowcases, items that otherwise would have been thrown out.
artist p banners
Aprons made from mens’ dress shirts. Repurposing clothing is a great way to extend it’s life.
artist p aprons
artist p paints
One of the party guests painting.
artist p painter
The playdough table.
artist p playdough table
Stringing organic, naturally colored “froot loops” into necklaces.
artist p froot loops
The eco-friendly favors made with recycled crayons and upcycled notebooks.
artist p crayon favors
A close up of the letters.
artist p letter closeup
The birthday girl’s cupcake. All of the cupcakes were vegan. Even the candles were all natural, no petroleum-based wax at this party.
artist p big cupcake
Enjoying the food. You can see the necklaces that they made, and the food on the mismatched plates.
artist p eating
These artistic party pictures were taken by the lovely & talented Melissa Papaj . For more posts about this party, click on the Eco-Friendly Artist Party tag below.

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