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Picking a theme is sometimes the hardest, but always the most fun part of planning a party. With so many pretty flowers coming into bloom, taking a cue from nature is definitely appropriate for a Spring Party. (Can you guess the flower that inspired this party? White and yellow daffodils.)

Gorgeous desserts add polish to a food table, especially when prepared by a pro. Check out the ice cream cone cake pops and the elegant monogrammed cookies.

Yummy, healthy food is always more appealing to kids when presented in a fun way. Terra cotta pots with plastic cup liners have veggie sticks and ranch dressing hiding inside. And cute baking cups with fruit are sure to tempt any party goer.

To keep costs low, use items from around the house. These baskets already have a rigid plastic liner inside them so you can just pop in some ice & juice boxes and you’re ready to go. A simple chalkboard is transformed when covered in wrapping paper and used as a backdrop. And let the birthday girl help out too (she made the paper chain!).

If you don’t have any sewing skills, you can always find someone else to make cute monogrammed napkins and an adorable table topper.

This party was created by a fabulous duo that I’m sure you’ll recognize. Photography by Melanie Mauer. Party planning and styling by Elizabeth McIntosh. Stay tuned for more tomorrow! 

Spring Party Ideas. It’s important to have multiple things for children to “do” at a party, and this Spring Party is no exception. With warmer weather in sight, consider having live animals (by way of a petting zoo) outside for kids to see and feed. Keep other party guests entertained while they wait their turn for time with the animals by providing a little artist’s station. They can paint the animals with art supplies, canvases, paint and brushes provided. When everyone gets hungry, serve the food and desserts.

This party was created by a fabulous duo that I’m sure you’ll recognize. Photography by Melanie Mauer. Party planning and styling by Elizabeth McIntosh. Stay tuned for even more tomorrow! 

As your Spring Party winds down, let guests write birthday messages on the sidewalk with chalk. And don’t forget a take home favor. These sweet little lollipops are wrapped in small squares of fabric in different patterns and tied with bakers twine. Perfect for handing out to guests as they leave.

A great tip for your next party: keep parties small in number. Match the age of the birthday child with the number of guests–for a 6th birthday invite 6 friends. This allows your party to be rich in detail without breaking the bank.

This party was created by a fabulous duo that I’m sure you’ll recognize. Photography by Melanie Mauer. Party planning and styling by Elizabeth McIntosh

Enjoy a springtime lunch with this fancy packed lunchbox!

springtime lunch

You will need:
chipboard alphabet
mini clothes pins
scrap paper cut into 1″x3″ pieces

Directions: Wrap the twine around the front end of your lunchbox, twice. Fold the 1″x3″ pieces of scrap paper in half and glue on one of the pieces of string. Trim the paper into a pennant flag shape.

springtime lunch

Spell out your child’s name using the chipboard alphabet. Attach the name onto the lunchbox with the cute mini clothes pins. You could even have your child spell their name and help decorate their own lunchbox as a fun picnic activity!

Photography and styling by Sara Schmutz

Pinwheels are such a fun site for spring! Add a little pinwheel fun in your life by making this adorable pinwheel matching game with your child.

You will need:
5 sets of 2 matching 4″x4″ square pieces of scrapbook patterned paper
10 4″x4″ square pieces of solid color paper
paper straws

Glue the back sides of the patterned scrapbook paper and the solid color paper together. All of the pinwheels need to have the same color back. Then, cut 1 1/2 inches in at the corners in a diagonal. Fold in the corners to form a pinwheel. Repeat this step with all 10 4″x4″ squares. Glue the paper straws on to the back of the pinwheels.

To play, flip all of the pinwheels over and take turns picking up pinwheels to find the matching patterns. The person, in the end, with the most matching pinwheel sets wins. It’s a fun and easy twist on an old loved game! A perfect activity to bring along to any spring time outing or picnic.

Photography and styling by Sara Schmutz

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