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Enjoy the beautiful spring weather by going on a picnic! Pack an adorable lunch with these fun downloadable lunch labels and spring picnic ideas.

For a special dessert, a sweet and easy strawberry shortcake in a jar is a perfect way to go!

For each dessert you will need:
8 oz. Mason Jar
1 vanilla pudding cup
angel food cake

Layer your shortcake in the jar. Start with the angel food cake, next add half of the pudding and top with strawberries. Repeat the layers again to fill up your jar. Put the lid on your jar and top with a cupcake liner, twine and the 2″ circle label for some added cuteness.

Photography and styling by Sara Schmutz

I am so excited for spring. For the past few weeks I haven’t been able to resist buying flowers whenever I’m at the store. I’m sure I can blame it on the anticipation of spring almost being here.

Spring Cupcakes

In honor of spring, add a little floral spring to your cupcakes! Paper flowers are always popular, but let’s try something different today. Let’s make some adorable little spring flower cupcakes out of silk flowers. These little flower toppers would be perfect for a spring shower, brunch, or even an early summer picnic.

You Will Need: small silk flowers, mod podge, tooth picks, scissors

Directions: First, cut the flower off the stem near the top. Dip the tooth pick into the mod podge. Stick the tooth pick into the bottom of the silk flower. Let the glue dry. Once it is dry, top your cupcakes with a small garden of flowers.

Spring Cupcake How To

And, quick tip, aren’t these aqua cupcake liners fabulous? I am in love with how well they hold up during baking. You can find them here.

Spring Cupcakes

Spring Cupcakes

Easy Spring Cupcakes

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