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Find the gold at the end of the rainbow! Here is a fun way to send your kids off on a St. Patrick’s Day inspired treasure hunt. You will need: Chocolate Gold CoinsIce Cream Cups, Pot O’ Gold Printable.

Print out the printables. Cut out the four leaf clovers and use as the clues for the treasure hunt. Wrap the Pot O’ Gold wrap around a ice cream cup and fill the cup with your gold coins and treasures. Make a Pot O’ Gold for each child. Hide your four leaf clovers and let your little leprechauns go hunt for their gold!

Photography and design by Sara Schmutz.

Help keep traditions alive with the story of Patrick’s Pot. Click on the image below to print out the soda pop labels and attach them to your drinks.

patrick's pot

As the legend goes, there was an innkeeper who was less than generous with his drinks. St. Patrick visited the inn and was displeased at the lack of drink he was served. St. Patrick pulled the innkeeper aside to teach him a lesson in generosity. He informed the innkeeper that there was a devil residing in his cellar, feeding off of the innkeeper’s dishonesty and greed. To banish the devil, the innkeeper must change his ways. Some time later, St. Patrick visited the inn again. He was pleased to see that the innkeeper was filling the drinks to overflowing. The devil in the cellar was banished. The custom of Pota Phadraig or Patrick’s Pot remains to remind everyone to be generous and honest.

Photography and design by Sara Schmutz.

Charm your children this year with a fun craft and game for St. Patrick’s Day! Before St. Patrick’s Day arrives, have your children help you make some Lucky Charms.

Use white Model Magic to make quarter sized medallions. Using a small heart stamp, impress three leaf clovers into the medallions. Make one of the clovers the lucky four leaf clover. Let the medallions dry 24 hours. Be sure to flip them at least once so the medallions dry evenly.

Once dry, paint your medallions with gold metallic paint. Allow the paint to dry.

On St. Patrick’s Day, hide your little lucky charms all over the house for your kids to find throughout the day. Any time someone finds a lucky charm, they get a prize. Have an extra special prize for whoever finds the four leaf clover charm.

Styling and photography by Sara Schmutz.

Green stationary? You might not think of sending cards for St. Patrick’s Day, but you’ll change your mind when you see these pretty cards. Send a lucky charm to the special people in your life.

1. Lucky U horseshoe letterpress card from Tee and Cakes | 2. Chevron letterpress postcard from Quill and Arrow Press | 3. Scalloped shamrock card fromDelightfulHands | 4. Happy St. Patricks Day letterpress card from Kirtland House | 5. Kiss Me I’m Irish card from Ginny & George | 6. Horseshoe gocco-printed card from Paper Menagerie | 7. Green swirls letterpress card from Pistachio Press

Lyndsey Wells works behind the scenes for One Charming Party, but in her free time she chronicles her paper obsession at The Stationery Place. She’ll be here every month sharing some of her favorite paper ideas.

Subway artwork is such a fun and easy way to decorate for any holiday. Get this subway art banner printed out on an 11″x17″ piece of cardstock. Attach some string to the top and hang up. It makes a great door decoration for a lucky St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Click image for pdf download.

subway art

Photography and design by Sara Schmutz.

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