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Finish off your summer picnic with a party favor of cute little cookies in a jar. Picnic parties don’t have to have party favors, but why not when these little favors come together so effortlessly?

cookie favor

For the DIY cookie favors, you’ll need: cookies, a half pint mason jar with lid, a cute cupcake liner, “Thanks for Coming” printable (download below), 2 inch circle punch, twine, and sticker paper

Directions: First, fill the mason jar with cookies and close the lid. Next, place a cupcake liner over the top of the jar. You can glue it into place if the liner keeps falling off. Tie some twine around the cupcake liner. Print the “Thanks for Coming” printable onto sticker paper. Cut out the labels with a 2 inch circle punch. Stick a label onto the top of the jar over the cupcake liner.


cookie favor


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TIPS FOR A PERFECT SUMMER PICNIC: I shared our fun free picnic invitations printable yesterday, so today I’m sharing some great tips for having a perfect summer evening out on a picnic.

tips for a perfect summer picnic

1 – Pick out a favorite picnic basket. I picked up this vintage inspired metal picnic basket from World Market.
2 – Bring a big blanket, but one that you won’t be worried about getting dirty.
3 – Be sure to bring your favorite foods. This isn’t the day to get your kids to eat their vegetables. I packed a delicious dinner of BLTs, watermelon, and barbecue potato chips.
4 – Surprise your kids with a fun bottled soda. I picked up a great variety of different types and flavors at World Market.
5 – Don’t forget the napkins! There is always going to be a mess or spill at a picnic – that’s why they are held outside! But, just to make it easier, keep some darling napkins on hand to help clean up.

summer picnic

cute soda bottles

picnic basket world market

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Summer is starting to wind down. With all of the activities you have planned, find time to enjoy an evening picnic with the kiddos before it ends. Even better, invite some friends! Picnics are a great way to gather with friends or neighbors while keeping the party mess outside. Print out a picnic invitation or two, pass them out to your friends, and enjoy an evening outside.

picnic invitation

To get you started on planning a summer picnic, use this free printable invitation as a fun and unique way to invite your friends over for a potluck picnic.


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We surfed through the One Charming Party archives to find our tastiest ideas for mouth-watering summertime treats that will be a sweet addition to all of your warm weather celebrations!

summer food ideas for kids on #summerfood #picnicfood

Summer Food Ideas for Kids: 1. Watercolor Cookies | 2. Fruity Pops | 3. S’mores Cake | 4. Mini Ice Cream Cones | 5. Ice Cream Party Cake | 6. Strawberry Smoothies

Add a barrel of refreshment to your next summer soiree. A kids non alcoholic sangria bar (paired with a Sangria Bar, or even solo) is a unique and fun addition to any party.

At your next party, serve mason jars filled with 'kids sangria' (aka- juice with fruit). #summerparty #sangria

Add a wheelbarrel full of 'kids sangria' to your next summer party! #kidssangria #drinks

How to make mason jars full of 'kids sangria' #summerparty #drink

how to make kids' sangria #drinks #kids

Add fruit to mason jars (blueberries and watermelon scooped with a melon baller worked great). Mix up a couple of pitchers of punch (for each batch, try one can of pineapple juice, 1 scoop of Country Time lemonade, 36 ounces of water and 1 liter of gingerale) and pour the juice on top of the fruit. Screw on the mason jar lids and refrigerate. Add the mason jars (with the lids still screwed on) to a wheel barrel. Keep cold with ice.

Mason jars full of 'kids sangria' (juice and fruit) is the perfect addition to any summer party! #sangria #drinks

A wheelbarrel plus mason jars full of 'kids sangria' equals the greatest addition to any summer party! #sangria #summerparty

Your guests will be over the moon for this yummy, fruity, wheelbarrel full of refreshment!

kid's sangria flagsThe “Kid’s Sangria” printable flags are available for download and printing.

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