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We surfed through the One Charming Party archives to find our tastiest ideas for mouth-watering summertime treats that will be a sweet addition to all of your warm weather celebrations!

summer food ideas for kids on #summerfood #picnicfood

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Add a barrel of refreshment to your next summer soiree. A kids non alcoholic sangria bar (paired with a Sangria Bar, or even solo) is a unique and fun addition to any party.

At your next party, serve mason jars filled with 'kids sangria' (aka- juice with fruit). #summerparty #sangria

Add a wheelbarrel full of 'kids sangria' to your next summer party! #kidssangria #drinks

How to make mason jars full of 'kids sangria' #summerparty #drink

how to make kids' sangria #drinks #kids

Add fruit to mason jars (blueberries and watermelon scooped with a melon baller worked great). Mix up a couple of pitchers of punch (for each batch, try one can of pineapple juice, 1 scoop of Country Time lemonade, 36 ounces of water and 1 liter of gingerale) and pour the juice on top of the fruit. Screw on the mason jar lids and refrigerate. Add the mason jars (with the lids still screwed on) to a wheel barrel. Keep cold with ice.

Mason jars full of 'kids sangria' (juice and fruit) is the perfect addition to any summer party! #sangria #drinks

A wheelbarrel plus mason jars full of 'kids sangria' equals the greatest addition to any summer party! #sangria #summerparty

Your guests will be over the moon for this yummy, fruity, wheelbarrel full of refreshment!

kid's sangria flagsThe “Kid’s Sangria” printable flags are available for download and printing.

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

Cookouts, pool parties, campouts – there always seems to be something fun going on in the summer, and these summery invites will help you spread the word about whatever awesome summertime shindig you have planned.

Summer Party Invitations on #summerinvites

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Ideas by Kristen Magee.

Summer vacation is here. If you have young children you know that entertaining them while traveling can be almost as exhausting as getting ready for the vacation. Whether it’s a long road trip with kids, the first airplane ride for your kids, or even a weekend vacation, this busy bag will help organize and entertain everyone for those endless miles of road.

Summer Vacation busy bag on #summervacation

You will need: “don’t open until” printable, Avery labels 1-1/3″ x 4″, tote bag (this one is from Target),  various glassine and favor bags, small activities, such as: puzzle, book, coloring book, markers, stickers, small figurines, small treat, sunglasses, coupon for a treat, etc.

Directions: Print the “Don’t open until” labels on to the Avery paper. Take each activity and stuff it into a bag. Fold over the top and seal it with a “Don’t open until” label. Once you have all the activities stuffed into bags, go through and write a different time for each activity to be opened. For example, if you are traveling by airplane, have one activity to be opened once you get to the gate. One activity for once the airplane has taken off. One activity for once you’ve gotten to the rental car, etc. If you’re traveling by car, have actual times listed, based on estimated travel time.

Summer Vacation busy bag on #summervacation

Summer Vacation busy bag on #summervacation

Back to School party decorations on #backtoschoolideas

Having some fun activities spread out this way keeps kids entertained longer, and keeps their mind off of the travel time. So maybe you won’t hear, “Are we there yet?”

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If limeade isn’t a staple in your fridge, it will be after reading this. Guests coming over? Thirsty kids? This will be your new summer go-to drink. The best part of a Limeade Drink Station is its simple versatility. Pair flavored limeades (think peach limeade, strawberry limeade and mint limeade) with a few yummy mix-ins for a crowd pleaser.

add a limeade bar drink station to your next party- details and how to

limeade bar party station

limeade bar mix ins

party drinks- limeade bar

Setting up this drink station is easy. Gather your old mason jars (or a buy a new case at the grocery store), a few drink dispensers and some tall bottles. You’ll want a lime-filled tray for the mix-ins, and small white bowls for the berries, peaches and mint. Add striped straws and a few printables and you’re set. (For a grown-up, adults only event you can add shots of tequila, rum and vodka.)

how to make a limeade bar for your next party

Add these things together and you have a refreshing drink buffet–perfect for summertime.

Photography, design + photography by Kirstin Gentry.

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